Zendaya breaks silence on ‘weird’ Sunrise interview with Edwina Bartholomew

Zendaya breaks silence on ‘weird’ Sunrise interview with Edwina Bartholomew
  • PublishedApril 23, 2024

Zendaya has appeared to indirectly address her awkward Sunrise interview where she appeared visibly uncomfortable with a line of questioning.

The US actress, who is busy promoting her latest film Challengers opposite Mike Faist and Josh O’Connor, appeared in an interview with Channel 7’s Edwina Bartholomew that aired last week to chat about the movie.

Zendaya has appeared to finally address her awkward Sunrise interview.

Zendaya has appeared to finally address her awkward Sunrise interview.

However, things took an awkward turn when Zendaya, who kisses both her co-stars in the tennis flick, was asked by Bartholomew, “Who’s the best kisser?”

The actress appeared visibly uncomfortable with the question, and was eventually saved from answering when her co-star interjected.

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In a new interview, Zendaya has labelled the obsession recent interviewers have had with asking her about kissing her co-stars as “very odd”.

Zendaya said she has “no idea” why people focus on her and her kissing scenes, but suggested that maybe it’s because “they want it to be like a viral thing.”

She went to say she had “noticed that with me specifically. I feel like … if it was somebody else here, you probably wouldn’t be asked that question.”

“Thank you for bringing that up,” she said to the interviewer, leaning forward and flashing a baffled expression. “Because I thought the same thing … I’m like, this is weird!”

Fans rushed to compliment the interviewer for raising the issue, with one saying on TikTok: “The interviewer touched a point that she has be itching to talk about!”

“I guess she has always wanted to have that kinda discussion and no one was bringing it up,” said another. “The interviewer was so real.”

A third added: “You can see her happiness when he asked this because it gave her an opportunity to discuss this issue and get her stance out there without directly calling anyone out or initiating it.”

The upcoming, much buzzed about film sees Zendaya play Tashi – a tennis player turned coach whose managed to transform her husband Art (Faist) into a grand slam champion.

But as Art grapples with a losing streak, Tashi encourages him to play a must-win challenger event.

Drama ensues when the match winds up being against Patrick (O’Connor), Art’s ex best friend and Tashi’s former lover.

Challengers hits cinemas in Australia April 24.


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