Woman in tears after storming out of her friend’s wedding over ‘trash’ discovery

Woman in tears after storming out of her friend’s wedding over ‘trash’ discovery
  • PublishedMay 22, 2024

‘I cried the whole way home. It breaks my heart have to send you this text.’

Weddings can be incredibly stressful and frequently lead to breakdowns of friendships or end with family feuds.

In a post on social media, one woman revealed why she stormed out of her friend’s wedding after she made a shocking discovery when she arrived at the venue.

“I made her my Maid of Honour at my wedding and she didn’t even bother asking me if I wanted to be in her bridal lineup at all,” the woman said.

“She told me she wanted me to play the music so I drove two-and-a-half hours to do just that for free.”

But when she showed up, the guest said the bride and her eight bridesmaids treated her like “trash”.

“So I turned right back around and drove home without saying a word to anyone,” she said.

A woman has stormed out of her friend’s wedding after she made a shocking discovery when she arrived at the venue. 

Furious with the bride, the woman said she decided to end their friend via a lengthy text message.

“I had to cut ties with one of my longest standing friends,” she said.

In the text to the bride, the woman wrote: “I am home now. I cried the whole way here. It wasn’t just you yelling at me. I let that go at first because I remember how stressful my wedding day was.

“It was also the way all EIGHT of your bridesmaids walked in and stopped their conversation just to simultaneously look me up and down like I am a piece of s*** on someone’s shoe before they walked away whispering and giggling.”

The woman took particular issue with the bride for not offering to pay for her music service after discovering how much the DJ was getting paid.

“So, I drove home because I refuse to sacrifice my self-worth to benefit your ego,” she said.

“It could not be any more obvious to me now that the only reasons you asked me to do this was for free music and because you would’ve felt guilty given that I made you my Maid of Honour.

“I made you a priority on my wedding day, and therefore I refuse to just be an afterthought on yours. It breaks my heart having to send you this.”

“But I’d be willing to bet that you wouldn’t have even invited me had I not made you my Maid of Honour.”

“Thanks for wasting my whole day. I’m not even mad as much as I am hurt, but there’s nothing you can say or do at this point to change my mind.”

The woman finished her text by saying: “I wish you and Jay a happy life together. But I think at this point that it would be best for you to leave me out of it.”

The woman said in her post, that the bride still hadn’t replied to her text and that she felt so “hurt and used.”

“So many times in my life I’ve thought someone was my friend and they weren’t. I’m just so tired of it.”

“Looking back, the signs were all around and I just didn’t pick up on it until now, I am so sick of being the guilty invite,” she said.

The woman’s post garnered many comments, but people were divided.

“This is someone who is rightfully hurt that one of their best friends doesn’t seem to see them as a friend at all,” said one.

“I’m shaming the bride here. This friend is obviously VERY hurt that someone they considered a friend treated them poorly, and also stood idly by while their bridal party also treated them poorly,” added another.

“Excellently articulated text. Calm, articulate and well said. Bride is trash,” said a third.

However, others called the woman out and sided with the bride.

“Wow imagine leaving a bride high and dry on their wedding day and thinking you’re in the right,” one said.

“I feel like there has got to be more to the story and it’s so interesting to see people immediately jump to the defense of the person telling the story. There is rarely a good reason to send a guilt laden text to someone on their wedding night,” said another.


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