Wife’s fury after ‘selfish’ husband leaves her behind in economy class for business upgrade

Wife’s fury after ‘selfish’ husband leaves her behind in economy class for business upgrade
  • PublishedMay 2, 2024

‘I look at him in complete shock… trying to hold back tears.’

Would you ever leave your travel companion behind in economy class if you received an upgrade to business?

Well, spare a thought for a wife whose “selfish” husband ditched her after he was offered an upgrade just moments before boarding a flight to their honeymoon.

The dilemma all started when the newlyweds were set to fly away to Mexico after recently getting married.

The woman, 33, travels a lot for work so she has accumulated a large amount of points — while her husband, 30, is an anxious flyer who tends to hold her hand and close his eyes during take off and landing.

“When I booked our flights I requested to use my points if an upgrade to business class became available, but made it clear I only wanted this upgrade if two seats became available… and then I basically forgot about it,” the wife explained in a Reddit thread.

“Then comes the day of our flight. I was so excited for this trip, I checked us in online, all is going well, and then when we go to board, the employee scanning out boarding passes stops us.

“She says it seems that my husband was upgraded to business class, but only him and asks if that is okay.”

The wife immediately replied, “No, we are on our honeymoon and would like to stay together”.

However, her husband interjected, saying: “No it’s fine, I’ll go to business class.”

About 500 of her flying points were used to upgrade him to business class.

Stunned by his response, she said: “I look at him in complete shock and he tells me that I fly all the time and have been in business class before, but he hasn’t. So he deserves a chance to experience it.

“I see we are holding up the line, so I feel like I just need to agree and get on the plane.

“To say I am p***ed off is an understatement.”

As she boarded the plane furiously, her husband was “all smiles” when he took his seat in the luxurious cabin.

“I go back to my seat where they sit me next to an old woman with a baby on her lap where my husband should be sitting,” she said.

“Within maybe five to 10 minutes of sitting there, trying to hold back tears because my husband left me alone on our flight during our honeymoon — and use my points for his upgrade no less, he starts to text me saying he feels anxiety over flying.”

Instead of expressing sympathy, she decided to ignore his texts.

“I stopped looking at my phone,” the wife said.

Just one hour into the flight, her husband began looking for her in economy class.

“He comes to the back of the plane to find me, offers me half of his business class breakfast and asks me why I was ignoring him… because he was scared and needed me to tell him it’d be okay since I am such an experienced flyer,” she explained.

“I told him maybe he should have thought about that before leaving me alone before our honeymoon even really began.

“He gets angry, tells me that this may be the only time he gets to fly business class and he was giving me half his breakfast to make up for it so I could at least be supportive of his genuine fear.

“I roll my eyes, sarcastically say ‘thanks’ and he goes back up to his seat.”

As the wife boarded the plane furiously, her husband was ‘all smiles’ when he took his seat in the luxurious cabin, file image.
As the wife boarded the plane furiously, her husband was ‘all smiles’ when he took his seat in the luxurious cabin, file image. Credit: Getty Images/500px

When they landed, she tried to just “move on and forget” about what her husband did so they could enjoy their honeymoon.

“But he guilt tripped me about not comforting him via text before take off and now I am wondering if I am being unreasonable and should have just let him enjoy his time in business class and ensure him it’d be okay?” she wondered.

She asked the internet whether she was being the a****** for not being supportive of her husband.

Many jumped to the wife’s defence, with one suggesting: “Definitely not the a******. Tell your husband actions have consequences and since he wanted to be in business class without you, he gets to fly without you. The fact he did this on your honeymoon trip just makes it worse.”

Another said: “Your husband is a jerk for ditching you and then expecting you to still be his support. He wanted to be alone, so he gets to cope alone.”

One added: “Your husband made a really questionable decision and he was essentially having to live with the consequence of the decision. He jumped at the chance to sit alone in business class and I guess it didn’t occur to him how evidently very reliant he is on you during flying. Regardless of his phobia, he’s a grown man, and it seems like he made it through take off just fine if he was asking your help when he’d already been served food.

“It’s like he was using his need for you as a weapon, to make you feel obligated to forgive him for making a pretty s****y choice given that it was your honeymoon.”


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