What to make with leftover eggnog

What to make with leftover eggnog
  • PublishedJanuary 5, 2024

Seasonal eggnog is far more versatile than you might think. When you’ve got some left over from the holiday party, use it to make rich, nutmeg-scented mashed potatoes, oatmeal, biscuits and more.

Mashed Sweet Potatoes


Matt Armendariz

A splash of warm, spicy eggnog is the perfect complement to this crowd-pleasing side dish.

Eggnog Oatmeal


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Even plain old-fashioned rolled oats can feel Christmas-morning festive when you make them with warmed eggnog instead of water.

Eggnog Ice Cubes


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Freeze a tray and keep these on hand for purists who like their eggnog served cold. They’re also great for iced coffees, indulgent smoothies and root beer floats.

Eggnog French Toast


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Take the brunch mainstay to its rich, eggy limit by whisking eggnog with — you got it — eggs and then dunking in sliced challah bread for a memorable Sunday French toast.

Eggnog Latte


Matt Armendariz

No frother? No problem: You can still make this coffee shop treat using a Mason jar or immersion blender. Just shake (or blend) some eggnog until frothy, warm it in a microwave and then use it to top off a shot or two of espresso. A grated-nutmeg finish is optional (but delicious).

Eggnog Biscuits


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Tender, buttery biscuits get a touch of extra sweetness when you use eggnog in place of heavy cream or milk.

Eggnog Rice Pudding or Risotto


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Think rich and creamy when you stir in a ladleful of eggnog toward the end of cooking up your favorite risotto recipe. Or use the eggnog throughout in place of stock for an unexpected play on rice pudding.

Eggnog White Russian


Matt Armendariz

Swap out cream for eggnog in this classic winter drink featuring vodka and coffee liqueur. Is it dessert or a cocktail? You decide.

Eggnog Icing


Matt Armendariz

Mix eggnog with confectioners’ sugar to drizzle on cinnamon buns, monkey bread or coffee cake.

Eggnog Syrup


Matt Armendariz

Mix maple syrup with eggnog, gently heat until thickened and use as a topper for ice cream, pies or pancakes.


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