What noughties pop star Daniel Bedingfield looks like now

What noughties pop star Daniel Bedingfield looks like now
  • PublishedJanuary 25, 2024

Early noughties pop star Daniel Bedingfield has delighted his fans as he revealed his long awaited comeback.

The New Zealand-born UK pop star, 44, will celebrate more than 20 years since his debut record Gotta Get Thru This with a string of UK shows.

He announced he’ll perform tracks from the iconic album on three dates in April, in London, Birmingham and Manchester – marking his first tour since 2005.

Bedingfield circa 2002.

Bedingfield circa 2002.

Bedingfield hitting the promo trail this week.

Bedingfield hitting the promo trail this week.

Daniel, 44, wrote on Instagram: “I’m so excited to announce a run of UK shows this April to celebrate over 20 years of ‘Gotta Get Thru This.

Bedingfield also made an appearance on UK radio to announce the tour, a rare public sighting for a star who’s been rarely seen in recent years.

The songwriter shot to fame with Gotta Get Thru This back in 2001.

The debut single and album shot him to superstardom, selling over four million copies worldwide.

Unfortunately he was not able to match the same success with his follow up, titled Second First Impression, in 2004.

That year he nearly died in a serious car accident while visiting his parents in New Zealand which left him with severe head and neck injuries because of the car rolling on him.

His debut album was home to a string of massive hits.

His debut album was home to a string of massive hits.

Seven years ago he appeared in the West End play The War Of The Worlds playing The Artilleryman alongside David Essex, Jimmy Nail, and Heidi Range.

He spoke about the play and moving to America during an interview on the UK chat show Lorraine.

He said in 2016: “I’ve been there (in America) eight years, and I enjoy not being depressed.

“It’s never grey, it rains eight days of the year, I just go to the beach every day, and do acrobatic yoga on the beach, it’s like doing yoga poses on each other. Lift each other in the air. I giggle all the time.

A serious car accident derailed Bedingfield’s pop career in 2004.

“I do it every Sunday, I do it all the time. The acro community is growing!

“I’m not really doing much for myself, I’m enjoying being a human-being, its so fantastic.”

Reacting on his past pop fame, he added: “It was crazy. I was really young.”

Since leaving the UK he has performed with Fred Again in New York, been a judge on The X Factor in New Zealand, and has been working on new music and writing for other artists.


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