Water filter sells out worldwide in a month after family crafts business around son’s eczema

Water filter sells out worldwide in a month after family crafts business around son’s eczema
  • PublishedApril 26, 2024

The Well Verti water filter sold out – worldwide – in 21 days.

Tap water can wreak havoc on your hair and skin, particularly if you’re sensitive.

So in a bid to help their son alleviate his severe eczema, Aussie parents Joshua and Taylor founded their company Well Verti — to craft a water filtration device that could be used in the shower or bath.

Their innovation is the first market-available in-line filter that comes in various colours to seamlessly blend with any bathroom aesthetic.

And it has captured the world’s attention — selling out on its debut in just 21 days.

The user-friendly $119.99 filters are designed for simple installation in less than two minutes without needing a plumber, tape or tools.

They can be installed in your shower, bath or even your kitchen sink.

Well Verti is releasing a range of colourful water filters.
Well Verti is releasing a range of colourful water filters. Credit: Instagram
Eliminate hard water from your shower.
Eliminate hard water from your shower. Credit: Instagram

Well Verti’s filters efficiently remove chlorine, heavy metals, hard water and other harmful contaminants, addressing critical skin, scalp, hair and respiratory health issues.

The market’s response was immediate and enthusiastic, with users reporting significant improvements in skin conditions, enhanced respiratory health and prolonged hair colour life.

This overwhelming customer feedback helped propel Well Verti to viral status, resonating particularly with those troubled by skin and hair woes.

Driven by a commitment to bring awareness to the link between the effects of tap water on the scalp, hair, and skin, the business urges consumers to start looking at their shower water and not just the ingredients list on the products you’re using.

Well Verti’s filters have provided relief for individuals suffering from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, regardless of age.

“After moving into an area that had harder water my hair started to fall out, my skin was really dry and I got a rash around my mouth,” one buyer said.

It can be installed in just two minutes.
It can be installed in just two minutes. Credit: Instagram

“Once I installed this filter into my shower it all stopped. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t live without one. If you’re suffering from skin issues give it a go.”

“I had been looking for a filter that matches our gold shower head and this one is perfect! We also have incredibly hard water here in the midwestern US and it has changed the way our skin feels significantly,” said another.

“We noticed a difference after just one shower. Love this product.”

A third added: “I’ve been using the shower filter for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

“Not only has it noticeably improved the quality of my showers but the company’s commitment to customer service and transparency is truly exceptional”.

To try the Well Verti water filters today, visit the website.


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