WA Liberal party approves Dr Thomas Brough, candidate who linked LGBTQIA+ community with paedophiles

WA Liberal party approves Dr Thomas Brough, candidate who linked LGBTQIA+ community with paedophiles
  • PublishedMay 12, 2024

The WA Liberal Party State Council has voted to approve doctor and local councillor Thomas Brough’s preselection for the seat of Albany, despite his controversial comments about the LGBTQIA+ community not being in line with “the values of the Liberal Party”.

Local Liberal branch members chose Dr Brough as their candidate late last month for the state seat of Albany at next year’s state election.

Dr Brough made comments at a council meeting in February, falsely claiming the community should be aware paedophiles, or what he dubbed “minor-attracted persons” were part of the “+” in LGBTQIA+.

Perth Lord Mayor and Liberal candidate for Churchlands Basil Zempilas said after the party’s state council meeting, Dr Brough would be the candidate representing the seat of Albany “as the best person for that job” despite his remarks.

A wide shot of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zemplas speaking at a media conference outside.
Basil Zempilas says the comments made by Thomas Brough do not reflect the values of the Liberal Party.(ABC News: Keane Bourke)

“Those comments have not been condoned by the broader Liberal Party,” he said.

“They don’t reflect the values of the Liberal Party.

“Those comments were inaccurate, but they were personal comments that were made at a council meeting, and they do not reflect his candidacy going forward.

“He’s a doctor and well respected in the local community for his community service and his work in the local community and that’s why he was selected as the candidate to represent that local area.”

Albany Pride committee member Tiger Bird described the decision as “astonishing”.

“It shows how desperate the WA Liberals are,” Mx Bird.

“At the last state election, they were annihilated so they’re really struggling, but I think, you know, they’ve sort of got this tacky Trump tribute act to be the candidate for Albany… and it’s a shame for Albany, I think we can do better.”

They said using those terms was “incredibly dangerous” and could lead to more harm on members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

person at pride long hair blonde
Tiger Bird says the decision by the WA Liberal Party State Council is astonishing.(ABC Great Southern: Briana Fiore )

“That’s an awful accusation to make against someone is one of the most heinous things, you can accuse someone of.

“You can’t just throw those kinds of accusations around because it makes it so much harder for victims and survivors to be believed.

“It’s just sensationalism and facts don’t matter, it’s scare mongering. It’s the refuge of the desperate and the politically inept.”

Dr Brough has been contacted for comment.


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