TV personality Amanda Keller reveals devastating personal news

TV personality Amanda Keller reveals devastating personal news
  • PublishedOctober 6, 2023

TV and radio personality Amanda Keller has revealed some heartbreaking personal news.

Taking to her Double A Chattery podcast, Keller announced that her husband, Harley Oliver, had been battling Parkinson’s disease for six years.

Keller, 61, said they had mutually agreed it was time to go public with the news of his diagnosis.

“I first noticed Harley’s footfall around the house changing, like he was dragging his leg, and his hands started to shake, and he said he’d just been whacked in the thumbs as a wicket keeper playing cricket,” Keller told podcast co-host Anita McGregor.

“But I felt something was going on.

Parkinson’s is a brain disorder that causes shaking, stiffness, balance and co-ordination problems.

Presently, there is no cure.

“When (Harley) came home (after receiving the diagnosis), we both just sat there completely numb,” Keller revealed.

“Two days later I went with our eldest son Liam to an open day.

“He was in Year 11 and I fought tears all day just looking at these (young) people at the beginning of their journey, and I was so envious.

“I had such a flashback to when that was me.

“And I thought, ‘Their journey is just starting,’ and something closed off for me.

“I don’t necessarily feel that now, but this is how I felt in the early days.”

Amanda Keller and Harley Oliver in 2017.
Amanda Keller and Harley Oliver in 2017. Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage

Keller went on to say that her husband’s diagnosis has made her a kinder person, but also a “sadder” one.

She admitted she was sometimes frustrated by their situation, knowing there was nothing she could do to change or control it.

“All the things that it does, I thought, ‘Why isn’t he fighting it?’,” she said.

“And of course, I’ve come to see he can’t control this, and neither can I, and that’s been a big lesson for me.”

The mother-of-two went on to explain why they had kept the diagnosis quiet for so long.

“It’s hard when people ask, ‘What’s going on with Harley?’,” she said.

“People are shocked at the changes, and I can’t make that better for anybody.

“It’s not a surprise to me, but I still don’t know what to say.”

Amanda Keller at the 2022 AACTA Awards in Sydney.
Amanda Keller at the 2022 AACTA Awards in Sydney. Credit: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for AFI

Later in the podcast, Keller’s husband came on to explain that his mother, who died recently, never knew about his disease.

“She wouldn’t have dealt very well with the idea I had Parkinson’s,” he said, noting that his mother had lived in a retirement village and “knows what (Parkinson’s) means”.

After her death, he said “that pressure of trying to pretend I was really well was gone”.

“It was better for her not having to worry about me as much as herself,” he added.

Amanda Keller and Harley Oliver with their son Liam.
Amanda Keller and Harley Oliver with their son Liam. Credit: Instagram/@amandarosekeller

Speaking about his wife, Oliver said she had been “terrific with all of this”.

“I love you, Harley,” Keller replied.

When Keller shared a link to the podcast episode on Instagram, fans flocked to the comments section to show their support.

“What a wonderful, touching podcast. It reminds us what is important,” one person wrote.

“Shared with honesty, laughter and deep love,” wrote another.

“Heart breaking and life affirming at the same time,” noted a third.

“So much love to you both.”


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