Thrifty Aussie couple’s tips on making money from discarded items after earning more than $700,000

Thrifty Aussie couple’s tips on making money from discarded items after earning more than $700,000
  • PublishedApril 24, 2024

‘You sometimes don’t need to spend money to make money.’

What started out as a vintage video game addiction before slowly overtaking the spare bedroom has turned into a six-figure business for Aussie couple Brad and Jaz.

And now the treasure hunters are sharing their secrets on how to find hidden cash at garage sales, charity shops and even in your own home.

“There is so much money sitting in your house (from items) that you aren’t using,” the couple tells 7Life.

“You sometimes don’t need to spend money to make money.”

The couple’s lucrative business kicked off years ago, with Brad’s love for video games.

He would drag Jaz to charity shops, searching for cult 90s Nintendo consoles and games.

His purchases started as a personal collection but, as they began to encroach into the couple’s living spaces, he began to list some items online.

“This is all my fault,” Brad laughs.

“At first it was just personal use.

“But then I came across Youtubers in America who were selling stuff online and, over a period of time, I convinced Jaz.”

Researching which retro gaming machines were trending, Brad would be on the hunt for items he knew he could sell for a profit.

After buying items — and making a few dollars for each one he resold — Brad grew to love the thrill of the “hunt”.

He started by listing one item every few days and, before long, he was listing multiple items a day.

Although she wasn’t as quick to jump on her partner’s idea, Jaz supported Brad in his newfound hobby-turned-side-hustle.

And as the income from his passion steadily trickled in, Jaz soon wasn’t able to hide her own joy — when she stumbled across a rare find at a garage sale.

“The adrenaline of treasure hunting,” Brad jokes.

They began forming relationships with local charity shops and recycling warehouses, which would reach out if they found something they thought might interest the couple.

Brad and Jaz slowly cut back on their work days and spent all their spare time treasure hunting.

When COVID-19 hit and Jaz was let go from her job, she made the decision to find and sell retro items full time.

While Brad’s passion remained with vintage video discoveries, Jaz began sourcing vintage clothing and branching out into other areas.

“Designer brands are always good, of course, but brands that are good quality and well known,” Jaz explains.

“Like Levi or Nike, it is now trendy to wear secondhand.

“It’s no longer secondhand is second best.”

After listing items on online shopping site eBay, the couple made a few dollars off each item they sold.

Brad and Jaz explain it’s not always about turning a huge profit on one item.

From retro Adidas jackets, DVD box sets of A Country Practice, a signed jacket by a former Formula 1 race car driver and nostalgic Plucka Duck toys, soon their spare room was overflowing with vintage finds waiting to be bought again.

They even began spending time behind the scenes at charity stores and volunteering to help sort.

Jaz found a complete set of Harry Potter audio books which quickly turned a profit on their Ebay store.
Jaz found a complete set of Harry Potter audio books which quickly turned a profit on their Ebay store. Credit: Instagram/2aussiethrifters

“Seeing the volume of clothing and shoes…,” Jaz says.

“I don’t think a lot of people see the damage of fast fashion, and the sad truth is that people do use charity shops to offload their textiles that can’t be resold.

“We weren’t even aware of the amount of textile waste, and some (with) brand new with tags.”

With a passion for saving discarded items and reducing landfill, Jaz and Brad stepped up their business.

Hiring a warehouse space, they moved the items out of their spare bedroom and poured their time into giving secondhand treasures a new life.

They even launched 2AussieThrifters on social media, helping others not only make a little extra cash but also with how to source valuable pre-loved items.

In 2023, the couple’s revenue tipped over $750,000, through reselling seconds all over the world.


“This is not a get-rich-quick situation,” they say, explaining the business growth has been years in the making.

This year, the couple has big plans on expanding the business even further and helping reduce landfill.

Thrifting tips

When it comes to finding sought-after items to sell, the couple says to start in your own home — from something as seemingly obscure as “Aussie-made DVDs like Blue Heelers”.

From exclusive crockery and Tupperware, to nostalgic fast-food chain toys, the couple suggests starting with a topic familiar to you, or that you know a lot about, and build from there.

  • Keep an eye on Facebook Marketplace and local charity shops, and always pop into garage sales
  • Don’t expect to make big off one item — start small
  • Use what talents you have — up-cycle furniture, reupholster items, mend broken textiles
  • Look at items around your house that you no longer use and sell them
  • Start by thrifting items you know and have a passion about

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