Thousands rally in Adelaide in Yes campaign event ahead of Voice to Parliament referendum

Thousands rally in Adelaide in Yes campaign event ahead of Voice to Parliament referendum
  • PublishedSeptember 16, 2023

Thousands of Voice to Parliament supporters have gathered in Adelaide in one of the Yes campaign’s biggest South Australian events ahead of the referendum.

The Yes campaign said the turnout demonstrated there was “overwhelming” backing for the Voice in South Australia, a state supporters have described as pivotal to its hopes of referendum success.

Supporters gathered in Victoria Square before marching through central Adelaide, with musician Paul Kelly also performing for the crowd.

Similar rallies are being held across the country this weekend, with most taking place on Sunday.

of the Voice.
The ‘Walk for Yes’ campaign rally in Adelaide came four weeks before the Voice referendum.(ABC News: Viki Ntafillis)

The Adelaide ‘Walk for Yes’ rally follows a series of opinion polls indicating a sharp dive in support for the Voice in South Australia, a similar trend to that reported in other states.

Several recent polls in the state have indicated that a majority of South Australians now oppose the Voice.

But Albanese government minister Amanda Rishworth said the large crowd at the Adelaide rally was a positive sign for the Yes campaign.

“This is to demonstrate the overwhelming community support here in South Australia for a ‘Yes’ vote,” Ms Rishworth said.

“We will see South Australia playing such a critical role in this referendum coming up.”

Voice supporter and Bunganditj woman Lilly Lesslie, who attended the rally, said she was pleasantly surprised by the number of attendees.

“It is shocking because from what I had seen online it wasn’t looking so good,” Ms Lesslie said.

Supporters holding 'Yes' signs marching down the street, with two men in the front of the image holding drums.
The ‘Walk for Yes’ event is one of several major campaign rallies to have been held in Adelaide.(ABC News: Viki Ntafillis)

“It is a relief to see a lot of people out here today for the Yes vote.”

No campaign says SA Voice support dropping dramatically

Yes campaign director Dean Parkin expressed confidence that South Australia would vote in support of the Voice.

“We are very encouraged by what we are seeing here in South Australia,” Mr Parkin said.

“We reckon South Australia is going to be absolutely there with us.”

But South Australian Liberal leader David Speirs, who opposes the Voice, said he would “almost bet his house” on the referendum being rejected by voters in his home state.

A large crowd gathered in a public square, facing a crowd, with several people holding signs in support of the Voice referendum.
Other Yes campaign rallies will be held in capital cities and regional towns this weekend.

“I can’t find anyone in my electorate who is backing it … it feels like it is in freefall,” Mr Speirs told The Weekend Australian.

The No campaign said it would be in South Australia on Tuesday to “prosecute the reasons why the Voice to Parliament … is built on a falsehood”.


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