The Chase star The Governess claps back over weight critique

The Chase star The Governess claps back over weight critique
  • PublishedDecember 6, 2023

The Chase star Anne Hegerty, otherwise known as The Governess, has called out a troll criticising her weight.

Fans praised her for displaying “strength and confidence” and for writing such a “controlled response” in return.

The tweet from a user on December 2 read: “@anne_hegerty Such obvious obesity should be kept off TV shows. Extreme bad example.”

The same day, she responded simply with, “Bet I’m healthier than you, mate”.

Doctor Who actor John Barrowman was quick to comment, offering support to Hegerty.

The Chase star Anne Hegerty.

“Anne you show your strength and confidence in who you are with that controlled response. You are beautiful in more ways than many. I know for a fact. Love you,” he said.

The Chaser responded, “Love you too”.

“What a horrid person. You are fab Anne. One of my great friends. Keep doing what you do,” another supporter wrote.

Another fan questioned if a similar message was sent to fellow chaser Mark “The Beast” Labbett.

Copy of Copy of Blue-ringed octopus - 1
Copy of Copy of Blue-ringed octopus – 1 Credit: Twitter

“Honestly it’s best not to interact. Sad little person with five followers. I wonder if they sent a similar message to Mark? I’d guess not,” they wrote.

However Hegerty responded that she believes “Mark had, in fairness, lost a considerable amount of weight”.

Labbett has been open with his weight loss journey, having lost more than 63kg.

In June 2023, he revealed on social media that he was the “smallest” he had been since the 1990s.

In January 2022, he celebrated going from a size 5XL to a 2XL by posing for a shirtless bathroom selfie.

Speaking to Loose Women, Labbett said he was at his heaviest in 2003, weighing 184kg.

He credited his pet golden retriever Baloo for helping him to get into a regular exercise routine.

Mark Labbett takes a mirror selfie before heading into ‘Beast mode’.

He said he had cut down significantly on chips and other carbs and was focusing on eating lean meat.

Labbett also admitted that running around after his young son during COVID lockdowns kept him active — and away from the fridge.

“The principal thing has been running around after a hyperactive three-year-old in lockdown when the nursery was shut,” he said.

“I found at the end of the evening instead of going to the fridge for late-night snacking, all I could do was collapse on the bed.”

Anne Hegerty, Hayley Palmer, Mark Labbett and Jenny Ryan walk the red carpet.

Labbett showcased this weight loss in October when he appeared alongside his girlfriend Hayley Palmer, a glamorous Hegerty and their fellow Chaser Jenny Ryan for the National Television Awards in the UK.

“Observant people may notice that @annehegertyofficial had her handbag ready to whack me if I misbehaved,” Labbett captioned the photo on October 5.

Palmer, who confirmed her relationship with The Beast earlier in 2023, went on to share the same photo, writing, “Beastie’s Angels”.


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