SuperCoach NBL: Which players to buy, hold, sell round 12, via Basketball Blokes

SuperCoach NBL: Which players to buy, hold, sell round 12, via Basketball Blokes
  • PublishedDecember 20, 2023

It doesn’t matter if your team is charging or flopping.

Benny, Banksy and Boydie – the Basketball Blokes – are here to assist with tips to help you rebound.

These are the players you should consider buying, holding and selling in your SuperCoach NBL side for round 12.


Sells of the week: Mitch Creek (SEM) $404,600 FWD

Despite the Phoenix being on a double-game round, it is likely that Mitch Creek will not take part. Creek has been diagnosed with bone bruising and swelling on his meniscus, just in our time of need. The Phoenix remain hopeful that he can make it back for the Christmas day match-up but there is some serious doubt we will see him at all this round. There is no real reason to hold Creek, as South-East Melbourne has 3 single game rounds in a row starting from round 13. 

Other players to consider selling

Josh Roberts (CRN) $118,200 FWD

Josh Roberts has given me flashbacks of Richmond AFL player Relton Roberts. A player who tricked us into thinking he will be a SuperCoach asset but may not see the court again. Having been a Did Not Play – Coach’s Decision in the last game, NBL SuperCoaches should also make the decision to remove Roberts from their side.   

Mitch Creek of the Phoenix is a sell for SuperCoach NBL. Picture: Russell Freeman/Getty Images

Mitch Creek of the Phoenix is a sell for SuperCoach NBL. Picture: Russell Freeman/Getty Images


Each week Benny will list some of the notable Break Evens for the week ahead – players with low Break Evens are set to rise in price while high Break Evens indicate a looming price drop. Sign up to SuperCoach Plus for the full list of Break Evens plus more stats and tools to help your team.

• Sam Mennenga (-10, 2 games)

• Trey Kell (-7, 1 game)

• Isaac Humphries (-3, 1 game)

• Mantas Rubstavicius (1, 2 games)

• Ben Ayre (11, 2 games)

• Bryce Cotton (83, 2 games)


Hold of the Week: Milton Doyle (TAS) $308,200 GRD

Doyle gets a pass from us last round. He returned from the USA having lost his father and produced scores of 23 and 14. The JackJumpers have a double-game round where they take on Illawarra and South East Melbourne. Doyle had 41 SuperCoach points last time out against the Hawks; and despite only scoring 21 against the Phoenix at last attempt, Doyle should do better against a weakened Phoenix line-up.  

Other players to consider holding:

Jo Lual-Acuil (MEL) $392,100 CTR

Despite having single-game rounds over the next 2 weeks, if you are a coach out there with Mitch Creek and Josh Roberts; we say you can hold JLA. Of particular significance is the round 14 schedule where only Melbourne and Sydney have double game rounds. Hold onto Jo and hope he goes big. 


Each week Banksy will rank his favourite cheap players (under 200k) regardless of schedule. 

1. Ben Ayre (SEM) $144,700 GRD

Ayre has the slight edge over Kenyon this week based on price, minutes played and role clarity going forward. Ayre has now played 30+ minutes three games in a row and has averaged 20 SuperCoach points over that period. With Will Cummings going, Ayre’s opportunity is way up there. 

2. Matt Kenyon (SEM) $167,400 GRD

Kenyon is another grand option this week in the bargains. Kenyon is averaging over 28 minutes and should maintain a significant role as the main defensive option for the Phoenix. 

3. Mantas Rubstavicius (NZ) $141,600 FWD

A season high 36 SuperCoach points from a season high 29 minutes last game have continued an impressive trend of improvement from Rubstavicius since his return from injury. His latest performance made it 3 games in a row over 20 minutes of court time. With Zylan Cheatham and Will McDowell-White set to return, anyone who picks Mantas will be praying the minutes continue.

4. Sam Mennenga (CRN) $112,200 CTR

It’s probably come too late for when we really needed him, but perhaps Mennenga has finally locked down a significant chunk of the centre minutes for the Taipans. The big Kiwi had 20 and 29 SuperCoach points in 20 and 29 minutes played against New Zealand and Brisbane. Is it just that he played against his homeland and that they needed someone to wrestle Aron Baynes that we saw the court time? Or is he an option as a long term starter for the Taipans and a long term bench option for us? 

5. Nick Marshall (ADL) $76,300 FWD

A season high 18 SuperCoach points for Marshall from 14 minutes as shown that he can produce with the minutes he is now being afforded since the change in coach. That is 15, 19 and 14 minutes played in his last 3 games. 

6. Alex Starling (CRN) $162,800 FWD   

Getting more minutes than Marshall and scoring more SuperCoach points, Starling sits below Marshall based on price only. With Adelaide becoming more relevant based on schedule in the coming rounds, could you take a flier on Starling?   

Jaylin Galloway is the SuperCoach NBL buy of the week. Picture: Steve Bell/Getty Images

Jaylin Galloway is the SuperCoach NBL buy of the week. Picture: Steve Bell/Getty Images


Buy of the Week: Jaylin Galloway (SYD) $248,800 FWD

Hello Jallo! Welcome back Jaylin Galloway. Having been the best NBL SuperCoach to start the season, we get another opportunity to bring in Jaylin. Averaging 28 SuperCoach points per game before injury, and averaging 28 points in his last 3, Galloway remains a value option due to the injury impacted games of 10 and his return game score of 7. The Kings are a must target team based on having the best schedule over the next 4 rounds. This also includes the all-important round 14 double-game round. If you’re deciding on what order to bring in your Kings, we suggest getting Jaylin first.    


Each week Boydie will rank the other best buys for the week ahead.

1. Bryce Cotton (PER) $483,900 GRD

Whenever Bryce has a double-game round he has to be a buy. Keep in mind that he is ideally a 1-week rental with Perth having a streak of single game rounds to follow. If you don’t have Williams and need a captain option, captain Cotton is more than fine. 

2. Alan Williams (SEM) $447,800 CTR

We saw Williams have back-to-back games with 17 field goal attempts last round. Without Creek this week, we should see another game of serious volume. We won’t have to worry about JLA blocking any of his shots this round, so hopefully we will see more than 4 and 7 field goals made this week. Williams is known for his touch around the basket. Hopefully last week was an anomaly. 

3. Jalen Adams (SYD) $356,100 GRD

4. Jonah Bolden (SYD) $265,800 FWD/CTR

5. DJ Hogg (SYD) $334,300 FWD

6. Denzel Valentine (SYD) GRD/FWD

The Kings listed above are all playable on court when the schedule allows for it. With 3 double-game rounds over the next 4 weeks the schedule says you can take your pick of the Kings. 

7. Ben Ayre (SEM) $144,700 GRD

8. Matt Kenyon (SEM) $167,400 GRD 

9. Isaac Humphries (ADL) $243,900

10. Sam Mennenga (CRN) $112,200 CTR 


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