Solar eclipse: Experts debunk outlandish claims from conspiracy theorists

Solar eclipse: Experts debunk outlandish claims from conspiracy theorists
  • PublishedApril 8, 2024

The end of the world is coming and it will start in Illinois on Monday. That is according to some of the conspiracy theories running rampant about the coming solar eclipse.

On Monday, an estimated 31.6 million people across America will be in the path of the biggest solar eclipse since 2017.

Scientists will be able to study its effects on layers of the atmosphere, but according to conspiracy theorists, it could also be the end of days.

The internet is running wild with some outlandish claims.

Signs from God

Republican congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene says she thinks it is a sign from God that America needs to repent its sins.

Her post on X suggested New York’s recent earthquake combined with the eclipse were “strong signs”.

UNITED STATES - FEBRUARY 6: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., speaks during a news conference in the Capitol Visitor Center on a resolution "stating that President Donald Trump did not engage in insurrection," on Tuesday, February 6, 2024. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)
Image:Marjorie Taylor Greene suggested the solar eclipse was a sign from God. Pic: AP

“I pray that our country listens,” she posted.

Her post, seen by more than eight million people, had a community note added to explain that earthquakes are common and solar eclipses are predicted well in advance.

But the ability to predict the eclipse plays into other conspiracy theories.

Nefarious plans

Right-wing commentator Alex Jones recently held an X Spaces event to discuss “what the globalists have planned for the imminent total solar eclipse”.

His guest Andrew Meyer told viewers the eclipse falls on a date in the Hebrew calendar where new energy can be pushed into the coming year. Mr Jones described Mr Meyer as “a expert on this”.

Alex Jones addresses the crowd during the 6 January attack on the Capitol. Pic: AP
Image:Alex Jones’ InfoWars has broadcast multiple theories about the solar eclipse. Pic: AP

“The globalists, obviously, they want to make a big push for evil, negative energy,” Mr Meyer said.

“They want to inject the seed of every new year with negative energy because that’s what they harvest.”

A guest host of Alex Jones’ Infowars also discussed the idea that scientists studying the eclipse are using it for their “nefarious plans”.

“The globalists, they believe these events have special powers,” Mike Adams said.

“So they are lining up important things in their minds, things to summon power.

“They are using the solar eclipse as a justification for the nefarious plans they intend to carry out.”

Map showing when the eclipse will happen across the United States
Image:Map showing when the eclipse will happen across the United States

End of days

Then there’s a vocal part of the internet who say Monday will be the end of the world, starting in Carbondale, Illinois.

Influencers have incorrectly mapped the eclipse’s ‘path of totality’ to show it covers between six and eight places called Nineveh.

Nineveh is mentioned in the Bible so the theorists are placing religious significance on their incorrect mapping.

In reality, this path, which shows where a total eclipse will be seen, covers two Ninevehs. The others will see a partial eclipse.

But the eclipse’s path continues to stir up theories.

Total eclipse promo
Image:Total eclipse promo

When combined with the path of the US eclipse in 2017, they form a cross. At the centre of that cross is Carbondale, Illinois.

If you live in Carbondale, that means you will be lucky enough to see the full eclipse twice in seven years. According to debunked influencers on TikTok, it also means doomsday starts in your city.

The theories are being debunked by other influencers like Dan McClellan, a religious academic at the University of Birmingham.

“The 8 April eclipse means absolutely nothing other than the moon is in between the Earth and the sun,” he said.

There are also rumours that America will be cast into darkness for days, when in reality some areas may experience darkness for a matter of minutes.

There are theories that food will run out, phone reception will disappear and electricity will be cut.

In reality, this eclipse will be significant and exciting, but if you survived the 2017 eclipse, you are likely to survive this one.


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