‘Shut the f**k up’: Adelaide 36ers captain Mitch McCarron’s all-time blow up praised

‘Shut the f**k up’: Adelaide 36ers captain Mitch McCarron’s all-time blow up praised
  • PublishedDecember 9, 2023

Adelaide 36ers NBL captain Mitch McCarron has been praised for his leadership after unleashing an expletive-ridden spray at his teammates at training.

The Sixers have had a shocker of a season and sit second last in the NBL ahead of only the hapless Wollongong Hawks with just four wins in 13 matches.

Last week was a particularly tough one, losing by 13 to the New Zealand Breakers — who went ahead of the 36ers on the ladder with the win — before getting spanked by 35 by the Tasmania JackJumpers.

It also saw the club part ways with head coach CJ Bruton.

Bruton had coached the team in 67 games with a 27-40 record. Scott Ninnis took his place.

But the brutal week had clearly taken its toll on McCarron, who unloaded on his teammates in a furious spray picked up by 10News Adelaide sports reporter Lucas Rinaldo.

“Shut the f**k up, stop f**king bitching,” McCarron roared in the vision.

“This is why we’re in this f**king position (second bottom).

“Everyone wants to f**king snitch on every other person and throw every other f**king person under the bus.

“Train hard, shut the f**k up, get stops, win games, end of story.”

Mitch McCarron has unloaded on his team. Picture: 7NEWS

Mitch McCarron has unloaded on his team. Picture: 7NEWS

It may just be the spray his teammates needed. Picture: 7NEWS

It may just be the spray his teammates needed. Picture: 7NEWS

The video has been seen 150,000 times with sporting greats from any different backgrounds heaping praise on McCarron for calling out his teammates.

Port Adelaide legend Warren Tredrea posted: “Love this. This is professional sport leadership. Direct, on point and shows he cares.”

Former West Coast Eagles premiership player Will Schofield wrote: “This is elite sport ladies and gentlemen. You don’t get to submit a complaint to HR and sit down for a mediation session. Direct, honest, brutal. Epic insight …”

2018 NBL champion Peter Hooley said: “Love it. Love every bit of it.”

The Herald Sun’s Jon Ralph called it “an all-time spray”.

Basketball journalist Tom Hersz tweeted: “That’s leadership right there. Set the tone, even if it’s about what not to do.”

The Age’s Roy Ward commented: “I’ve always been a big fan of how Mitch goes about things, we will learn a lot about the Sixers in the next few games after that bake.”

The Sixers are three wins outside the play-in tournament positions with 15 games remaining, meaning there is plenty of time to turn the season around.

Speaking to media after training and the spray, McCarron said the team still had time to make the finals and needed to come together around Ninnis as head coach.

“Everyone just needs to dig deep and support each other,” McCarron said to the media following the session.

“We know we aren’t where we want to be in the season, our record isn’t what we want it to be, of course, it’s not too late, we can turn around, start winning games, go on a run and make a finals push.

“I’m talking about us as a group staying together, not talking about who’s playing, who’s not playing and reading in the newspaper ‘what that means for me’.

“Buy in as a group, buy into the coaching staff, listen to Scott Ninnis and support him. That’s really what the message is about.

“There’s a lot of change and that can take some time to heal. No one wants to lose their coach and I’m sure the club looked around and had some options with what they wanted to do but that’s what it is moving forward.

“We have to continue to battle and the only goal doesn’t change, we’re trying to win on Saturday night. Whoever is on the floor – Ninnis has taken over as head coach and we’re going to support him – we’re going to try and win.”

McCarron said that Ninnis hadn’t made wholesale changes to Bruton’s systems but rather “tried to simplify some things”.

“He came in midweek officially as head coach so he’s not trying to over-complicate it with a brand-new playbook or anything like that,” McCarron said.

“[We’re] just putting in a couple of defensive philosophies on how we want to play, and specifically for the Taipans and how we want to play against them.”


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