Sarah Wilson: Why I left Australia for a new life in Paris

Sarah Wilson: Why I left Australia for a new life in Paris
  • PublishedDecember 5, 2023

On the latest episode of Stellar’s podcast Something To Talk About, author and one-time MasterChef Australia television host Sarah Wilson opens up about why she gave away the proceeds of her I Quit Sugar empire – and the reason she left Australia for a new “simple life” in Paris.

The Australian journalist and TV presenter hosted the first episode of MasterChef back in 2009, and didn’t hold back when asked on the Something To Talk About podcast if she would ever consider returning to mainstream television in her home country.

“I think that we haven’t created the space yet for discussions that push boundaries. Especially the stuff that women tend to talk about, which goes a little more into the emotional side of things. But equally, I don’t think there’s much of a space for women to be able to talk big political ideas that might create a bit of a stir,” she said.

Sarah Wilson: ‘I don’t feel held in Australia.’

Sarah Wilson: ‘I don’t feel held in Australia.’

The full interview with Wilson is in the new issue of Stellar Magazine.

The full interview with Wilson is in the new issue of Stellar Magazine.

“I’ll be honest, a bit of the reason why I’m here and not in Australia is because I don’t feel held in Australia. I did feel ostracised to a certain extent and rather than stay and complain and be upset, I left so that I can still love my country and still feel that I can come back.”

She continued: “I hope one day I can come back to a country where women like me can be on mainstream television talking big topics.

“There’s room for highbrow, lowbrow, there’s room for everything. I would like to see more of that in Australia … a space for women to talk about stuff. I hope I haven’t trodden on any toes here, but I think it’s a time in history when we’ve got to answer honestly.”

Wilson, 49 recently underwent some big life changes. In 2022, she sold her successful “I Quit Sugar” business empire, and gave away much of the proceeds. Then she moved to Paris, where she now lives a “super simple life,” keeping her Aussie followers updated on her new life via Instagram.

Sarah Wilson now lives a ‘super simple life’ in the French capital.

“I reached a point where I’d earnt enough money just to set myself up with sensible female investments. Save some money, put money into superannuation. And then I went, OK, I can live now off the minimum Australian wage for the rest of my life until I’m 94,” she said of the sale of the business.

“Therefore I’m going to give the money away. It was everything. It was the whole lot. I continue to live that way. If I get to a point where I’m earning excessively, then I’ll do it again.

“It’s not for everyone. I don’t have a lavish lifestyle. I live in a tiny apartment here in Paris, which is way cheaper than Australia. I cook most of my food. I own between three and five pairs of underpants at any given time. A couple of pairs of shoes. I wear clothes from when I was 18. I keep everything, handwash everything. It’s a super simple life.”


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