‘Sad news’ as Nestle announces iconic Fantales chocolate to be discontinued after 93 years

‘Sad news’ as Nestle announces iconic Fantales chocolate to be discontinued after 93 years
  • PublishedSeptember 14, 2023

Nestlé has confirmed the reason behind the unexpected decision.

Nestlé has announced their popular film-themed lollies, Fantales, are set to be discontinued.

The company will cease producing the iconic chocolate covered caramels next month.

Fantales will now be on sale for as long as stocks last.

The decision is due to “declining sales and the need for significant upgrades” at Nestlé’s Melbourne confectionery factory where Fantales are made.

The chocolate caramels were first created in 1930.

Staff are expected to be moved to other roles within the factory.

The announcement has been met with shock from Australians online.

“Today is a sad day,” one person said in response to the news.

One commenter labelled the news “outrageous and downright un-Australian”

“Not Fantales! How can the combination of chocolate and trivia ever die,” another person said.

A childhood favourite

Many recalled enjoying the chocolate-covered caramels in their youth.

“These were a favorite of mine,” one person said. “It was so exciting reading the wrappers as a kid before Google.”

“Loved reading about film stars on the wrappers,” another person said.

“They were my mum’s favourites,” one commenter shared. “She always brought a packet when we went to the pictures, they were a special treat, so l am very sad about this decision.”

93 years of history

Fantales have been a staple for Australians for almost a century.

“For decades, going to the movies in Australia usually involved either a pack of Jaffas or a box of Fantales,” Australian Food Timelines said.

The treats were originally introduced by Sweetacres in 1930.

But what set it apart was the fact the lolly wrappers featured the biographies of popular movie stars.

The stories on the wrappers have been updated every two years.

Not financially viable

“We know our decision to stop making Fantales will be sad news for many people,” Nestlé Oceania Confectionery general manager Andrew Lawrey said.

“Many of us grew up with Fantales and have fond memories of them.

“Despite the sense of nostalgia Fantales evoke, unfortunately people simply aren’t buying them as often as they used to.”

Updates to the equipment used to produce Fantales were also no longer financially viable, Lawrey said.

“It’s become increasingly difficult to get the parts we need to maintain it, and with declining sales, replacing it isn’t viable,” he said.

“While investment in the future of Fantales is not sustainable, we’re continuing to invest in our other Allen’s lollies, including fan favourites such as Snakes Alive, Party Mix and Minties.”


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