‘Rejected’ job candidate stunned over surprising discovery in mailbox: ‘Crazy or wholesome?’

‘Rejected’ job candidate stunned over surprising discovery in mailbox: ‘Crazy or wholesome?’
  • PublishedMay 22, 2024

‘You dodged a bullet with that one.’

A job candidate’s rejection letter has been taken to a whole new level after she unexpectedly received a gift in her mailbox from a hiring manager.

The woman had gone through her third round of interviews and completed a home test for a position she applied for.

But after she missed out on the position, she was stunned to find a “wholesome” letter in the mail, along with a bag of liquorice.

“I want to thank you for your interest and the time you spent in our recruitment process with us,” the letter read.

“We truly appreciate your willingness to discuss the opportunity to join our team even though we did not select you for this particular position at this time.

“However, I encourage you to stay in touch and encourage you to apply for future openings. We found your profile very interesting and there can be some opportunities with us in the future that you might be interested in — who knows!

“Wishing you all the best in your future job search endeavors. Thank you once again for sharing your time and energy with us.”

The gift and letter in question.
The gift and letter in question. Credit: Reddit

The job applicant shared the post on Reddit, alongside the caption, “a company that rejected me after three remote interviews and a take home test has sent this to me by post today”.

Alongside the gracious letter was a gift, a packet of mango-flavoured liquorice.

Her post was met with 140 comments — with many divided over the gift.

“I’d hardly call rejection after three interviews and candy as consolation “wholesome”,” said one.

“Mango licorice? Yuck, name and shame these heartless b*****ds,” another joked.

A third suggested: “You dodged a bullet with that one.”

However, others thought it was a nice gesture.

“It’s very rare that a company cares to contact you if you didn’t get it, but at least they made an effort after wasting your time,” said one.

“This is super professional of them. Most places won’t even email you back,” added another.

“Hey at least they sent something, nowadays not many companies do. Hell, my company doesn’t even do that for internal applicants,” said a third.

Another suggested: “Most places just ghost, so this isn’t the worst thing in the world.”


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