PlayStation launches trio of new hardware

PlayStation launches trio of new hardware
  • PublishedDecember 21, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, PlayStation enthusiasts are unwrapping more than just presents this Christmas.

Sony has gifted gamers with a trifecta of exciting new hardware releases.

From a sleeker and more compact PS5 console to the inaugural PlayStation gaming earbuds and a groundbreaking foray into accessibility with the PlayStation Access controller, the gaming giant leaves no player behind.

Slimmer PS5 Console

PlayStation’s slimmed-down console has just hit stores. It boasts all the same tech from the first edition in a new sleeker casing.

The PS5 is now 24 per cent lighter than the original, and 30 per cent smaller. 

One of the consumer gripes about the original was its size, so gamers will be happy to have a less bulky unit. 

The console now comes with a 1TB SSD as standard and a detachable disc drive, which these days is probably more welcome than ever with the rise of digital gaming.

The disc drive can be detached on the updated PlayStation 5. (PlayStation)

The new PS5 will set you back about $800 with a disc drive, but can be picked up a little cheaper for the digital-only version. 

The good thing is you can add the disc drive at any time as an optional extra.

PlayStation PULSE Explore

PlayStation has also released its first official gaming earbuds, the PlayStation PULSE Explore.

I’ve been using these for a bit over a week now and I’m thoroughly impressed. 

The PULSE Explore earbuds come in sleek case. (PlayStation)

Initially, I thought they were a bit bulky, but they fit the PlayStation aesthetic perfectly – it’s hard to dislike them. 

The case design, an almost-cylindrical, black case wrapped in a slim white panel, matches the console to a tee.

The earbuds connect quite seamlessly to the console itself, but you do need a dongle to make it work – this is included in the box.

Unlike third-party brands, you can now see the battery percentage of left and right earbuds on your console, so you can always stay ahead and make sure the battery is charged.

Communication is clear through the PULSE Explore, with in-built microphones to not only capture your voice but also filter out unwanted noise from the real world around you.

The earbuds can also connect to your mobile phone or PC and make a fine public transport companion.

Tiny PlayStation symbols can be seen on each of the PULSE Explore eearbuds. (PlayStation)

As with most new PlayStation hardware, there are hidden intricacies in the design. If you look closely, you can see hundreds of tiny PlayStation symbols along the inside of each earbud. 

The PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds retail for around $329. 

PlayStation Access Controller

The PlayStation Access controller is the gaming company’s first entry into the accessibility space. 

This controller has been designed to assist disabled gamers and offer them a more comfortable and accessible way to play.

PlayStation Access controller (Left) and the standard DualeSense controller (Right). (PlayStation)

Everything from the controller itself down to the packaging has been created with disabled gamers in mind. 

It’s completely customisable. You can swap out every button placement with an array of button shapes and sizes, as well as swap out stick caps; included in the box.

The PlayStation Access will set gamers back about $139, but if you’re looking to play more in-depth games you’ll likely need to invest in two.

Alternatively, if you’re able, you could use it in tandem with a DualSense controller for the extra joystick support. 

While some reports say the PlayStation Access controller is not perfect, they agree it’s a good step in the right direction. 


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