NSW Building commissioner says Macquarie Park development is ‘not at risk of failure’ despite defects being found

NSW Building commissioner says Macquarie Park development is ‘not at risk of failure’ despite defects being found
  • PublishedJanuary 18, 2024

In its building work rectification order (BWRO), Building Commission NSW said parts of the basement and ground floor of a development at 23 Halifax Street in Macquarie Park were found to have “serious damage” and spalling in the concrete, due to “defective workmanship”.

Spalling refers to deterioration of concrete and threatens the building’s supportive structure.

Greenland Australia’s Lachlan’s Line precinct development, which consists of four buildings containing a total of 900 apartments with a retail village on the ground floor, was completed in February 2020.

However, commissioner David Chandler told ABC Radio Sydney while there was a “set of circumstances that need to be fixed” at the development, media reports were “inflated and unfortunate”.

“There is absolutely no threat to collapse of this building. Absolutely. None at all,” he said.

“This [the media attention] is not what we need to actually reassure the public that things aren’t any worse than people needing to go back and fix defects.

“So I want to make sure that everybody clearly understands this building is not at risk of failure.”

a man wearing glasses looking at the camera
Building Commissioner David Chandler said he wants to reassure the community that the building is safe.(ABC News: Josh Bavas)

The BWRO published this week said the “issue compromises structural performance and structural adequacy of the concrete slab”, and called on Greenland to “remediate the serious and/or potential serious defects” identified.

“This is a defect … that causes or is likely to cause the basement slab to fail, namely, to fracture and collapse, leading to the destruction of the building … or threat of collapse,” the order says.

Building Commission NSW did not respond to requests for comment on Wednesday when contacted about the BWRO.

“We’re obliged to use the language that’s provided in the legislation in making these decisions,” Mr Chandler said.

There is no serious damage, developer says

The commission contacted the developer in October to issue a notice of intention to issue a building work rectification order and was invited to provide written representations on the matter.

The developer responded to the draft order on December 1 and on January 15, and the BWRO was issued giving the developer deadlines for completing works to address the commission’s concerns.

In a statement, Greenland Australia said the company had been fully cooperating with the commission.

It said Greenland engaged multiple, suitably qualified engineering consultants to undertake investigations who found the issues are localised in the lower car park levels only and that there is no risk of collapse of the building’s towers.

“There is no serious damage or serious structural defects at the project,” the statement says.

“Greenland has undertaken additional investigations. Recommendations were made by the external engineering consultants to undertake localised repairs, to ensure the long-term durability and structural integrity of building’s concrete slabs and joints as identified in the draft BWRO.”


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