New Doritos flavour sparks April fools accusations from fans

New Doritos flavour sparks April fools accusations from fans
  • PublishedOctober 6, 2023

It’s a flavour you either love or hate – and now it comes in a chip form. But despite many thinking the product was a prank, it’s very real.

Australians had to double check their calendar today to confirm it wasn’t April fools after Doritos announced the launch of a divisive new flavour.

Chip fans on Thursday were delivered news of arguably the most polarising product launch of the year – coriander flavoured Doritos.

The brand’s move was met with scepticism and confusion on Instagram, where fans accused it of trying to execute a wild joke.

In a statement to however, Doritos confirmed the new product was no laughing matter.

“We’re excited to see the reaction of chip-lovers from across the country as they try our super-limited-edition Doritos Coriander,” chief marketing officer ANZ of PepsiCo Vandita Pandey said.

“We know some Doritos fans are going to love it, but we also know some will hate it – our legendry triangular corn chip is ready to put tastebuds to the test.”

Ms Pandey was optimistic the controversial flavour would at least stir up some conversation.

“With the taste of coriander being one of Australia’s most divisive flavours we want to boldly launch the flavour in chip form and see if coriander really does taste like soap. Will it be a sensational hit or a soapy miss? Let us know your thoughts and tag us on social,” she said.

Early reaction to post on Instagram indicated two things – Australians were either repulsed or excited.

“I absolutely love coriander. It’s the best herb because it makes everything taste fresh, plus the look of horror on my husband’s face makes it so enjoyable to eat,” one reaction read.

“Oh my goodness, coriander is the best, I put it in everything, and as much as possible. And the smell, OMG I inhale it so hard when chopping, it’s the most amazing smell,” someone else wrote.

Others were far more critical, vowing to not go near the treat with a 10 foot pole.

“Why would you want to eat soapy leaves when you can eat other, better tasting leaves and leave the soap in the shower? I’d give it a go and see if it could change my mind, maybe it’ll clean my insides,” one critic wrote.

Doritos’ announcement has been met with either repulsion or disgust. Picture: Supplied

Doritos’ announcement has been met with either repulsion or disgust. Picture: Supplied

“Tastes like soap, so why not clean yourself from the inside out?” another said.

Some were so thrilled about the launch they said it was exciting enough to “forgive” Doritos for not currently having Cool Ranch flavour in Australia.

“Okay this semi-makes up for no Cool Ranch but I’m willing to temporarily forgive. So keen to try. But I’ll give you the absolute of freak outs when CR returns,” one fan wrote in a comment.

“I must try these! I literally eat coriander out if the herb garden,” another wrote.

Doritos Coriander is a limited edition product that, despite the hype, won’t be available for purchase.

Fans can only secure a pack via a giveaway hosted on the Doritos Instagram page. Australians keen to win a pack will need to comment why they either love or hate the flavour.


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