Mum-to-be horrified after her husband suggests ‘the worst name ever’ for their baby

Mum-to-be horrified after her husband suggests ‘the worst name ever’ for their baby
  • PublishedMarch 26, 2024

‘It sounds more like a furniture brand than a human name.’

A husband has sparked fury after suggesting “the worst name ever” for his baby.

The man’s wife took to the internet and shared her dismay in a now-viral Reddit post.

The woman explained that she and her husband were expecting their first child, a baby girl, which is due in a few months.

She explained that everything had been going well until they started discussing potential names for the baby and things became “complicated to say the least”.

“When we first started discussing names, the ‘boy name’ was immediately decided, ‘Stuart Jr.’, after my husband,” she explained.

A man has sparked fury after suggesting ‘the worst name ever’ for his baby.

“There was no problem there, it’s a classic name and carries family meaning,” she added.

However, things took a turn for the worse when the couple started discussing names for a girl.

“My husband suggested, ‘Stuarta’. No, you’re not having a stroke, apparently his logic is that since Stuart ends in a ‘t’, we can just add an ‘a’ to make it more feminine,” she said.

“I tried explaining why it doesn’t quite work and how it sounds more like a furniture brand than a human name and how she’d be endlessly correcting people and explaining its origin.”

“He’s adamant though, says it ‘honours,’ him while giving our daughter a unique name,” she concluded.

While they had their boy name set, the pair struggled with one for a girl.

The mum-to-be said she had suggested “alternatives”, such as feminine names that sound similar or have a meaning to the name, Stuart.

“I’ve even suggested names he’s mentioned liking in the past, but he’s fixated on Stuarta,” she said.

“I love my husband dearly and I understand wanting to honour family but I can’t imagine subjecting our daughter to a lifetime of awkward stares and endless questions about her unusual name.”

“I also worry about potential bullying and the impact it could have on her self-esteem,” said the woman.

The woman then asked, “So am I the a******e for refusing to budge on Stuarta?”

People were quick to side with the woman in the comments and announce she wasn’t the a******e and her husband’s name choice was awful.

“Naming a child is a two yes and a one no situation. Which means you need two times yes for a name to be it and a one no to make sure that name is not the name you choose. Works both ways if you’d ask me,” shared one.

“For the sake of your daughter stand your ground on this one,” added another.

“Why does the name of your daughter have to honour him? Narcissistic much,” added a third.


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