Matt ordered an iced coffee at an Aussie cafe. The ‘ludicrous’ price left him fuming

Matt ordered an iced coffee at an Aussie cafe. The ‘ludicrous’ price left him fuming
  • PublishedJune 4, 2024

‘I’m so sorry, come again?’

A diner has vented his fury after a café tried to charge him $12.20 for an iced coffee — more than double the price of its hot counterpart.

Matt Hey couldn’t wrap his head around the “mad” price of an iced mocha when he visited a café in Sydney over the weekend.

When the comedian began questioning the employee over what made the iced mocha different to the $5.20 hot alternative, he was told both cups consisted of the same serving of caffeine and milk.

“Tell me why I just went to get an iced mocha and she said it was going to be $12.20. So I said, ‘How much for a hot mocha?’ and she goes, ‘$5.20’. I’m so sorry, come again? An extra $7 to have my drink iced?” Matt said in his amusing video.

“I go, ’What do you mean? Is there more coffee in the iced mocha version?’ She goes, ‘No, two shots in both’. Okay… I said, ‘Is there more milk?’ She goes, ‘No they’re the same size, they’re both regular’.”

Furious with the pricing, Matt wanted to know why he was being charged an extra $7 for the iced item.

“Where are you getting that extra f****** $7 from, mate? Like what do you mean? Where’s that coming from?” he said.

“You’re not even doing as much work, you don’t have to heat the milk so why are you charging me $7 extra… For what? You’re mad love, what’s going on?”

Matt said he used to work as a barista for five years so he thought an iced coffee was “arguably way easier to make” at a café.

After finding out about the price of the iced mocha, he opted for a “hot mocha served warm”.

“I went with the hot option,” he said, laughing.

His video has been viewed more than 300,000 times — with many taking particular issue with the café for charging an “insane” amount of money on ice.

“$12.20 is ludicrous. This is why I made myself fall in love with instant coffee. Though, I’ll get my coffee on the outside every now and then,” one said.

Another shared: “As a barista I hate the way things are priced. Iced drinks are quicker and easier! And I’m an iced coffee girlie.”

One agreed, saying: “As a girly who exclusively drinks iced coffee, I couldn’t agree more.”

Another revealed: “I had a panic attack when I paid $11 for an iced latte and that was from the airport omg.”

One added: “I get paying an extra $1 to $2 for the iced stuff because ice machines are expensive and constantly break — but (paying an extra) $7 is ridiculous.”

Matt discovered the iced mocha contained the same amount of caffeine and milk as the hot alternative, file image.
Matt discovered the iced mocha contained the same amount of caffeine and milk as the hot alternative, file image. Credit: Getty Images

Many revealed they noticed iced coffees were more expensive than the hot options when dining out at cafés.

“I NEVER understood (price difference) man! It costs like $2 for a big bag of ice,” one said.

Another shared: “Never understood this! So lucky my local coffee shop charges the same amount for me.”

One said: “This has always baffled me!”

Another added: “I cannot fathom the cost of iced coffee.”

Meanwhile, some baristas tried to explain why iced coffees were priced higher.

“As a barista this usually includes syrups, ice cream, milk, coffee, whipped cream and chocolate powder that’s only about $2 per ingredient,” one said.

Another shared: “In my experience as a barista, I’m sorry any place that’s just adding ice is doing it the lazy way. I’m only going to say this once. Frappe: Ice, milk, cooler powder, coffee chocolate syrup, whipped cream and chocolate powder. I don’t know what cafés you go to or have worked at but this has been the standard.”

However, in Matt’s instance, the iced mocha he wanted to order only included the espresso and milk.


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