Lottery winner sparks feud after his brother demands he splits the money

Lottery winner sparks feud after his brother demands he splits the money
  • PublishedMarch 23, 2024

‘He has been cold, calling me selfish and accusing me of not caring about family.’

lottery winner has sparked a heated feud with his brother after he refused to share the money.

The man won a small jackpot on a lottery ticket that was “nothing life-changing” but a “decent amount” to pay off some debts and take a small holiday.

“I’ve always been financially cautious, saving where I can and working a couple of jobs to keep myself afloat,” he said in a Reddit thread.

His brother, on the other hand, appears to be the opposite.

“He tends to spend his money as quickly as he earns it, often on things he doesn’t need, and then struggles until his next pay cheque,” the lottery winner said.

“So when he found out about my win, he immediately asked, or rather demanded, that I give him half.

“His argument was that we are family, and we should share our good fortune.”

A man’s lottery win has sparked a feud with his brother. File image.
A man’s lottery win has sparked a feud with his brother. File image. Credit: The Lott

The man said his brother tried to guilt-trip him and reminded him of a time when they were children and he had “promised to share everything with him, including any prize I might win”.

The winner said although he did “recall making some promise like that in the spirit of childhood”, he did not think it would be held over his head, “especially over something so significant.”

He said he refused to share half the winnings with his brother as he had plans for the money that included, “paying off debts and saving for emergencies”.

“I offered to help him with some financial advice and support to manage his money better, but I made it clear that I wouldn’t just hand over half of my winnings,” he said.

The man said that, since refusing to do so, his brother has been “cold”, calling him “selfish” and accusing him of not caring about his family.

The man says his brother has accused him of not caring about his family. Stock image.

“My parents have stayed neutral but I can tell they’re disappointed in the situation,” the man said.

“Some relatives say I should have shared to keep the peace, while others agree with my decision.”

He asked the internet whether he was in the wrong for refusing to share his winnings with the brother.

“Your brother is not entitled to any of your winnings,” one said.

“It’s easy for your relatives to tell you to give him your money. If they are so concerned they can take up a collection and give him the proceeds.”

Another agreed: “Your brother is trying to manipulate you, it’s okay if you cut him off after this point…he is a user.”

“Your brother is an entitled a******e and your parents are doing nothing but enabling this behaviour. I’m sorry you’ve got to deal with this,” said a third.


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