Jennifer Aniston’s heartbreak weeks after Matthew Perry death: ‘He made such a difference’

Jennifer Aniston’s heartbreak weeks after Matthew Perry death: ‘He made such a difference’
  • PublishedDecember 8, 2023

Jennifer Aniston has suffered another heartbreak just weeks after the death of Friends co-star Matthew Perry.

The actress has paid tribute to TV legend Norman Lear, the creator of iconic shows such as All in the Family and The Jeffersons, who has died at the age of 101.

The 54-year-old took to Instagram to pay tribute to the American screenwriter and producer, sharing two pictures of the pair hugging.

“Norman Lear💔,” Aniston’s post read.

“His shows shaped my childhood and getting to know him was one of my greatest honours.

“He made such a difference. A huge impact on television and humanity.

“He was able to tackle and discuss heated political conversations during difficult and charged times and we were able to laugh and learn.

“I yearn for those days.

“When creativity was a learning tool and could inspire people to maybe think just a little bit differently.

“And of course to laugh.

“Our greatest source of healing.”

Aniston went on to describe Lear as “the kindest and gentlest man”.

Jennifer Aniston shared this picture with Norman Lear after his death, aged 101.

“When you were in his presence, you were the only one in the room,” she wrote.

“He made everyone feel this. Even when someone believed differently than him.

“That’s what made life and people interesting to him.

“To have discussions and really take in how people felt and hear their point of view.

“He knew how to give voice to all sides and somehow in the process bring people closer together.

“May we take a page from Norman’s playbook as a way of honouring his life.

“An extraordinary life.

“Rest in peace Norman.

“It was a gift to stand in your light.”

Fans rushed to express their condolences, aware that Aniston was still grieving over the loss of Matthew Perry, who died on October 28 at 54.

“Damn. Going through these losses back to back is crazy, I can’t imagine,” one fan wrote.

“My heart is with you Jen … these words were very beautiful!!!” said another.

“I’m sending all my condolences. Norman Lear will be greatly missed by the world.”

“So sorry for your loss … I’m sending a BIG hug!” added a third.

“I’m sure Norman Lear had a lot of admiration, pride & a mutual affection for you.”

Lear died on Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles, his family confirmed on his official website.

Norman Lear

His loss comes just over a month after Matthew Perry’s death rocked the world.

Perry was found unresponsive in a hot tub at his home in Los Angeles. A cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

In a tribute, Aniston shared a multi-picture post which included a recent text exchange between the pair and a clip from the final episode of Friends, when their characters Chandler and Rachel say goodbye to each other.

“Oh boy this one has cut deep,” she wrote.

“Having to say goodbye to our Matty has been an insane wave of emotions that I’ve never experienced before.


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