Hostage situation in Dutch town of Ede ends after police arrest one man

Hostage situation in Dutch town of Ede ends after police arrest one man
  • PublishedApril 1, 2024

A hostage situation at a nightclub in the Dutch town of Ede has ended peacefully after several hours with police arresting a man wearing a balaclava mask.

“The last hostage has just been released. One person has been arrested,” a police statement said.

“We cannot share more information at this time.”

Several people, including employees, had been taken hostage at the Cafe Petticoat early on Saturday morning.

Officials said the suspect, who was previously known to police, had threatened the hostages with knives.

The reason for the hostage situation remains unclear, but police said there was no indication of a terrorist motive.

The suspect walked out of the club, put his hands behind his head and got to his knees before being handcuffed by police, a Reuters video journalist at the scene said.

Two police covered head to toe in dark grey clothing walking into a venue
A police officer wearing heavy armour and balaclava walking in a small town
Cars and polic on a street.
A gathering of firefighters in a small town with red brick houses in the background


Earlier, three employees were released with video from the scene showing them walking out of the club with their hands in the air while the operation was ongoing.

Heavily armed police, police explosives units and special arrest teams, some wearing masks, were deployed to the scene, a building in the centre of the town of Ede.

Earlier on Saturday, streets in the area and about 150 nearby homes had been evacuated and trains cancelled to the town, nearly 80 kilometre from Amsterdam.


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