Groom slammed for his wedding vows after putting in ‘no effort’

Groom slammed for his wedding vows after putting in ‘no effort’
  • PublishedDecember 17, 2023

A trend is emerging of men putting no effort and disrespecting their new wives on their wedding day, with a video garnering attention on social media.

A groom has been slammed over his wedding vows, where he admitted he hadn’t prepared anything and solely spoke about his wife’s rear end.

The video, shared by Samuel Foree’s @ckentertainmentservices account, has garnered the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people, showing the couple at the alter.

“I promise to smack that a** every chance I get. Booyah,” the man, known only as Cody, said.

“That’s all I got.”

The officiant tried to give him another chance, asking Cody if that was all he had, and the laughing man said that was it.

The audience was stunned, with one heard saying “Cody no”.

A groom has been slammed for his vows. Picture: @ckentertainmentservices

A groom has been slammed for his vows. Picture: @ckentertainmentservices

“I didn’t write nothing out. That’s what I’m going with. We’ve made it this long,” he added.

Social media users have slammed the man’s actions, saying he should have put more effort in.

“Even if that’s the kind of humour they have together. The wedding vows should’ve been serious,” one social media user said.

Another added: “Update me about the divorce.”

“I was a bridesmaid this past summer and after the bride (my friend) read her vows, the groom said ‘ditto’. That’s it,” one social media user revealed.

“‘I didn’t write nothing out’ AKA ‘I put no effort into the most important day in our relationship thus far’,” one said.

Another added: “Notice how no one is laughing besides him.”

‘The officiant trying to give him a chance of redemption,” one social media user pointed out.

“Her wedding dress is so pretty, she looked so beautiful. She didn’t deserve that,” another said.

Many suspected the marriage wouldn't last. Picture: @ckentertainmentservices

Many suspected the marriage wouldn’t last. Picture: @ckentertainmentservices

It’s not the first time that a video of a groom’s wedding act has left social media telling the bride to run.

Michael and Destiny Lentini had their wedding in Plant City, Florida, after a decade together.

Videographer Jonathan Pajak capture the wedding, and uploaded a video of Michael’s vows to his TikTok @lensculture.

“Only two things are required to keep me happy – keep my belly full and my balls empty,” Michael began his vows.

“You’re amazing at half of it, but we really need to get you some cooking lessons.”

Another said: “Believe a man when he says this … run. Sheesh, this made me want to stay single forever.”

Another added: “I feel so bad for her. She was so genuine and this was his response. I hope she finds a way out.”

But the bride said the couple had been together a decade and her husband’s comments weren’t a red flag, in her opinion.


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