Doctor’s unspoken rules of staying in a hotel room – and why he never uses complimentary toiletries

Doctor’s unspoken rules of staying in a hotel room – and why he never uses complimentary toiletries
  • PublishedApril 24, 2024

‘It’s tempting but don’t use these hotel products.’

Hotel rooms can be unexpectedly dirty.

With travel back in full swing since the global pandemic, doctor Charles Puza has dished out the unspoken rules of staying in a hotel room — including why he never uses the complimentary shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

“It’s tempting but don’t use these hotel products,” Dr Puza said.

“They’re usually extremely drying and loaded with fragrance, which are not good after long flights.”

The first thing he always does after checking into his room is look out for pesky bed bugs.

“Look in the corners of your room as well as under the bed for any signs of bed bugs,” he explained.

Dr Puza said he never touches the “dirty things” in the room — including remote control and glassware.

“Here’s why, that same rag that cleans the sink and the toilet is usually the rag that wipes down those surfaces,” he said.

The doctor’s video garnered more than 29,000 views and people in the comments were loving his tips and sharing their own.

“If you need to use the remote, cover it with the shower cap, works like a charm,” said one.

“Definitely checking for bed bugs from now on,” added another.

A third shared: “I started a job as a hotel supervisor and the shampoo and conditioners were expired but they still were refilling them. I mentioned it but no one listened.”

Former hotel manager Melissa Hanks previously shocked the internet after explaining the disturbing reason why she always avoided using the refillable shampoo and conditioner bottles.

“People can put anything in it. I’ve seen bodily fluids… and smelled hair removal cream in unsecured bottles,” she explained.

“God knows what else in there.”

An Australian pest expert previously shared how to combat the issue of bed bugs at home after an overseas trip.

“There are simple things you can do upon arriving home after a holiday — including washing clothes in a hot water cycle and quarantining luggage,” she said.

“This is what you can do at home if you come across bed bugs or if you do have them.

“All insects can’t survive above 55C so if you’re somewhere with bed bugs like you stayed at a hotel, and you come home, the first thing you should do is put all of your stuff and bag, everything in a hot wash and then a hot dryer.

“If something’s too big to go in the washing machine, put it in a plastic bag and leave it on the driveway in the sun, let it heat up.”

She said bed bugs usually hide in cracks and crevices of furniture, not just fabrics.

If you find bed bugs in your home, Rach revealed the best weapon to use to handle the pesky insects.

“Get a hold of a steamer and methodically steam everything that you can,” she said.

“If you steam your carpets as well, that’s amazing. Steam will definitely be your best friend.”


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