Consumer experts dub $19 Kmart pan better than big brands: ‘It’s excellent’

Consumer experts dub $19 Kmart pan better than big brands: ‘It’s excellent’
  • PublishedApril 12, 2024

It beat stiff competition from the likes of Scanpan, Le Creuset, Jamie Oliver and Tefal.

Looking to update your cooking appliances?

A quality frypan is a must, but they can sometimes cost an arm and a leg.

The good news is that consumer experts have recently dubbed a budget frypan from Kmart better than its expensive counterparts.

The experts from consumer advocacy group CHOICE tested 38 frying pans and 24 saucepans from leading brands.

Surprisingly, they found that “several budget buys outperformed other pans costing hundreds of dollars more”.

The experts said the “$19 Kmart Anko stainless-steel non-stick 24cm frying pan and the $20 Kmart Anko 20cm stainless steel saucepan were our low-cost standouts”.

They scored “higher on performance, ease of use and durability than brands such as Scanpan, Le Creuset, Jamie Oliver, Tefal, Chasseur and Swiss Diamond”.

Advantages of the Kmart frypan is that “it’s lightweight, well-balanced and easy to clean”.

It was also described as “durable, oven safe and dishwasher safe”, although the experts suggested not putting non-stick pans in the dishwasher because of the potential to damage the coating.

The downside to the Kmart pan, according to CHOICE, was that “non-stick capabilities were lacking”.

“In our tests, we’ve found that the more expensive frypans generally have better non-stick properties than the cheaper products,” the consumer testers said.

The Kmart pan also has a thin base, so it is important to “adjust your heat setting as you cook to prevent burning or sticking”.

When news of the Kmart pan was shared on Facebook, people were quick to agree.

“I have the frypan and it is excellent,” said one.

Another said: “I have the Kmart frypan and it is way better than my old Scanpan!”

“The frypan is great, such good value,” added a third.


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