Busy Philipps’ ‘terrifying’ FaceTime call with teen daughter suffering a seizure

Busy Philipps’ ‘terrifying’ FaceTime call with teen daughter suffering a seizure
  • PublishedDecember 16, 2023

Actress Busy Philipps has recalled the scary moment her teenaged daughter suffered a seizure — with the mother having to watch helplessly on FaceTime.

Her 15-year-old daughter Birdie, who attends boarding school in Sweden, was at a movie in Stockholm when she “started choking and throwing up”.

A 17-year-old friend helped Birdie find medical assistance and FaceTimed Birdie’s parents in the US.

The former Dawson’s Creek actress says she was powerless as she watched the “terrifying” incident unfold over the video call.

Philipps shares Birdie with ex-husband Marc Silverstein. The couple split in 2021.

Busy Philipps with her daughter Birdie.

“And I went upstairs but then I heard his voice and I knew something was really wrong. And he just said, ‘It’s Birdie, it’s Birdie. She’s had another seizure’.

“The paramedics (in Sweden) are on the phone. The paramedics were on FaceTime and she had just come out of the seizure and she was still in the post-aura state.

“They were like, hooking her up with stuff and (I watched it all) on FaceTime.”

Birdie’s friend Sarah, who was holding the phone, was giving Philips this “weird medium shot” where the mother “could see everything that was happening”.

“So it felt, it was just so weird.”

Busy Philipps beside her daughter Birdie in hospital.

She described her daughter “reaching toward the camera” and “calling out” for her mother in the US.

An upset Philipps described her daughter as yelling out, “Mama. Mama. Mama. Where are you? Mama”.

The mother shared that, earlier that day, Birdie and Sarah had gone to see a movie at the local Stockholm cinema.

She praised Sarah for being such a help to her daughter during the scary incident.

“Birdie’s friend Sarah, shout out Sarah, literally, I don’t even understand,” she said.

Philipps did not mention when the incident occurred and has not specified if her daughter will return to the Swedish boarding school.

She says although her daughter is now okay, she has been struggling with coming to terms with the incident, explaining that it feels like she is “stuck in a movie”.

“My therapist yesterday said, she was like, “You sound like you’re disassociating,” she said on the podcast.

“And I understand because I feel like this year has, I don’t understand what’s happening.”

“It was really awful seeing it on a screen, being in a different country across an ocean.”


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