Bride-to-be kicks out her bridesmaid over frustrating act in girls’ group chat

Bride-to-be kicks out her bridesmaid over frustrating act in girls’ group chat
  • PublishedMay 12, 2024

‘It was honestly miserable, and I am still upset.’

This wedding saga might sound crazy but wait until you hear the details.

A bride has kicked out one of her bridesmaids over a frustrating encounter in a girls’ text message group chat.

The bride has detailed on Reddit what unfolded, and asked readers if she was the “a***hole.”

The woman started by explaining that her fiancé was having her brother as one of his groomsmen.

She said that because her fiancé didn’t have a biological sister, she decided to make his best friend, ‘Sally’, a bridesmaid.

“Sally was really excited to be a bridesmaid because she said her sister intended to have her be a bridesmaid last summer but then didn’t.”

“She seemed genuinely happy and excited,” the bride said.

A bride-to-be has kicked out her bridesmaid over frustrating detail in a girls’ group chat. Stock image
A bride-to-be has kicked out her bridesmaid over frustrating detail in a girls’ group chat. Stock image Credit: Tero Vesalainen/Getty Images

Fast forward a few months, the bride and her friends put together a group chat to discuss the hens night and the wedding.

“The first text I sent was a greeting and I asked the girls to introduce themselves, so they all had each other’s numbers,” she said.

Everyone in the group chat responded except Sally.

Weeks went by and the women started asking about dresses, so the bride sent them information.

But there was still no word from Sally.

“My sister started asking me who the extra number in the chat was and I was starting to get worried so I had Sally over for dinner.”

“While she’s over, I told her that I’m concerned, and I needed her to respond to the group chat just so that we all know she’s a part of it.

“She apologised and reassured me that I have nothing to worry about and that she’s there for me whenever I need something.”

A month later, as the women were planning the hens night, the bride’s sister was asking everyone their T-shirt sizes.

There was still no answer from Sally.

The bride said she had really started to stress at this point, so she asked her fiancé to reach out to her as Sally was “technically from his side”.

“My fiancé sent a text asking Sally if she plans to be a part of the wedding because we hadn’t heard from her, and it was really stressing me out,” the bride said.

The bride has taken to Reddit to share what unfolded and ask if she was the ‘a***hole’, stock image.

In a surprising turn of events, Sally texted both the bride and groom an angry text.

She said the couple were asking too much of her and that she had to focus on herself.

Sally also said the bride needed to stop worrying and that she is “past exhaustion” trying to show up for herself.

The bride said she replied to Sally’s text by saying the couple understood if she was going through something but that she “needed to participate if she wanted to be a part of the wedding day”.

“I told her that we love her and she’s not alone and that we’re here if she needs anything,” she said.

“This was a month ago and I haven’t heard anything since, so I’ve decided to remove her from the bridal party.”

However, the bride said she was still planning on sending Sally a wedding invitation.

The bride’s post received multiple comments and people were quick to side with her.

“Not the a****hole, Sally gave you literally nothing,” said one.

“You did nothing wrong, she wasn’t pulling her weight,” said another.

Another woman shared a similar experience about a bridesmaid who didn’t bother to make any effort.

“My biggest regret from my wedding is not kicking out a bridesmaid who acted like this,” she confessed.

“It made so much more work and stress for me having to track her down for every single thing and put a damper on all the events because people didn’t know what the f*** was going on and why she wasn’t participating.

“It was honestly miserable, and I am still upset with this person because so many of my pre-wedding memories revolve around their behaviour, how frustrating it was, and all the extra work I had to do because they couldn’t respond to an email or a group chat.”


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