Bride demands refund on wedding pictures after ‘crazy’ discovery about her husband

Bride demands refund on wedding pictures after ‘crazy’ discovery about her husband
  • PublishedFebruary 6, 2024

‘The bride found out and the marriage has broken up.’

A photographer has spilled the tea on a wild story about a bride demanding a full refund on her wedding pictures after making a shock discovery.

Shayla Herrington, from the US, said she was on Facebook when she stumbled across a fellow wedding photographer’s dilemma in a Facebook group.

“So the wedding photographer is asking for advice because her bride is wanting a refund — even though she has already delivered the wedding gallery,” she said in a now-viral video.

“And the ‘why’… the ‘why’ is so crazy.”

The anonymous photographer had hired a second shooter with a “good” portfolio she randomly found online after her typical employee couldn’t work on the wedding day.

The pair completed the job and “everything seemed business as usual”… until the photographer received an email from the bride.

“Photos were edited, delivered to client, all was good,” the photographer explained.

“Then this morning I got an email from the bride. She was wanting a refund because the lady I had hired as second shooter for the day ended up sleeping with her husband at some point after the wedding.”

Recounting the story, Shayla explained: “Apparently the second shooter and the groom really hit it off that wedding night and exchanged information.

“I will let you infer from that what proceeds to happen between the second shooter and the groom.

“Well, the bride found out and the marriage has broken up. The bride wants a freaking refund because to the bride — this is a professional that the wedding photographer hired and she just tangled around with her man.

“The wedding photographer is like ‘I did all this work, I can’t control my second shooter’… What do I do?”

Shayla shared some of the amusing comments from other photographers who offered their advices.

“My favourite comment is, ‘No but I’ll give you a discount on your second wedding.’

“This one says, ‘it’s an additional charge to help the groom keep his pants zipped,” she laughed.

“Someone else said, ‘adding this to my contract ASAP — the photographer shall not be held liable in the event of any romantic involvement between the groom and the second shooter and in no such circumstances, no reimbursement nor refund shall be issued.’”

However, Shayla explained that most photographers in the Facebook group suggested, “no refund — you did the work, you cannot control your second shooter or that slimy little groom.”

Shayla’s video has received almost 700,000 views with people divided in the comments.

Shayla’s video has received almost 700,000 views — with many divided over the situation.

“I would offer the bride a free ‘trash the dress/divorce/burn the dress photoshoot,’” said one.

Another suggested, “the bride could go after the groom for the price of the pictures in the divorce.”

A third offered, “Clearly, it’s not her fault (the photographer), and no refund is owed. However, hiring people with NO professionalism looks poorly on your business.”


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