Big change to trolleys at Woolworths

Big change to trolleys at Woolworths
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2023

A Sydney mother has expressed her annoyance over the new plastic trolleys, saying it is “impossible” for her to shop with her children.

A mother has vented about new trolleys at one major supermarket, claiming it has made it “impossible” to shop with her two children.

Alhana Friend, from Sydney, called out Woolworths after discovering she could no longer fit her two children, who are under three, in the same trolley.

“Woolworths has officially made it impossible to shop if you have two kids,” she said.

“Their new trolley only has room for one child.”

Other parents agreed that it make shopping with their children more difficult.

Woolworths trolleys have been downsized to only fit one child. Picture: alhanafriend/TikTok

Woolworths trolleys have been downsized to only fit one child. Picture: alhanafriend/TikTok

“Anybody who says ‘get used to it’ is clearly not a parent. And, people who say ‘tell the oldest to walk’ has clearly never shopped with two little ones,” one social media user said.

Another said: “They’re also so much smaller too. I no longer fit my fortnight’s worth of shopping in their new trolley.”

“The amount of people here complaining about shopping with kids … Just order for click and collect or get it delivered to your door,” another said.

One said: “I’m so glad they didn’t have these when I had my twins. No way I could have done the shopping.”

Alhana told Yahoo, while she could do click and collect, sometimes last minute grocery trips were unavoidable.

Woolworths told that the new, recycled trolleys were popular with customers.

“We’re working hard to grow greener for our customers and the environment,” the spokesperson said.

“Our recycled trolleys have been very popular with customers and are currently available in select stores. We plan to continue rolling them out to new stores over the coming years.

“We also have trolley baskets that are made from 100 per cent recycled plastic and give used milk bottles a second life in our stores, while also reducing the use of new materials to create trolleys.”

A small number of the metal trolleys will be available in stores as well, and customers can ask staff if they don’t see one that is immediately available, understands.


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