Beloved singer Pedro Henrique dead at 30 after shock on-stage collapse

Beloved singer Pedro Henrique dead at 30 after shock on-stage collapse
  • PublishedDecember 16, 2023

Brazilian singer Pedro Henrique has died after collapsing onstage while performing at a religious event in Brazil.

The 30-year-old was performing on Wednesday night when he suddenly fell to the floor halfway through the song Vai Ser Tão Lindo.

Footage taken from crowd goers shows the singer interacting with the audience standing on a raised part of the stage before falling back and hitting his head.

The band behind him and other officials quickly sprang into action to assist the singer.

Henrique was pronounced dead after being rushed from the venue to a nearby medical facility, TMZ reports.

He and his wife Suillan Barreto were the new parents of a daughter called Zoe, who was born in October.

Pedro Henrique suffered from a heart attack mid-performance.

“There are very difficult situations in life, for which we have no explanation. We just need to understand that the will of God prevails!” a statement began on Instagram.

“Peter was a cheerful young man, a friend to all. The only son, a present husband and super dedicated father There is no pastor or Christian in Brazil who says anything different: Peter is simple, he is a believer!

“What a smile! How nice is that! What a voice! Our kind of people who are great to have around!”

Henrique was best known as a gospel singer with a mass following of more than 1.1 million on Instagram alone.

Pedro Henrique had a following of more than 1.1 million on Instagram.

Todah Music continued: “We believe Peter will have a prominent place in the great Heavenly Choir! Maybe singing “The Cross was mine”… or reminding us that God will honour our descendants!

“The songs in his voice will not die and his legacy will live on through his wife, his daughter Zoe and so many lives that have been and will be reached by Christ through the records of his voice!

“To Suillan and all family and friends our deepest condolences, our respect, full support in every area we can help, and our sincere Hug!“We rejoiced so many times together, and now we cry with those who cry.

“The Christian music segment is mourning. Todah music family is mourning Heaven in choir receives an illustrious son: Pedro Henrique! See you soon dear brother!!! See you all soon!”

“May the Holy Spirit comfort you all! Amen! 💔🙏🏼,” the post ended.

Six hours later the label shared another video tribute calling December 13 an “emotionally difficult day”.

“We’re feeling the loss and remembering special moments by Peter’s side — his contagious joy, his enchanting voice, his smile full of love and light.“This is our single tribute to him — singer, minister, husband, father, servant of God, who left fulfilling his calling on this Earth , worshipping God. 😭🖤.”

Henrique and his wife Suillan Barreto welcomed a daughter in October with the couple marking her first month with a joint post on November 20.

Pedro Henrique his partner Suillan Barreto and their daughter Zoe.

The singer posted a heartfelt tribute for his daughter writing, “One month since our lives have never been the same; Since we discovered a love pure and incomparable.

“One month since we were challenged not to fear even as we walked through the valley of the shadow of death. When doubt loomed in our hearts, we called her by the name: ZOE – meaning LIFE!

“I bless you my daughter! May there be blood on our doorsteps and may evil not touch you. You will be like the arrow in the hand of the archer!!

“Thank you for showing us a love we have never felt before.”


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