Aussie’s unusual sandwich combination stuns: ‘This is the best thing ever’

Aussie’s unusual sandwich combination stuns: ‘This is the best thing ever’
  • PublishedJune 7, 2024

‘I know it’s basically a crime, but trust me.’

There are many strange sandwich combinations, but this one is about as unusual as they come.

Aussie swimwear designer Karina Irby has brought back the “controversial” devon and tomato sauce sandwich that was an “Aussie classic” commonly found in school lunchboxes in the 80s and 90s.

“I know you guys will hate me for this… Don’t hate on it until you’ve tried it. Trust me. Devon, tomato sauce, wholemeal bread,” she said in a now viral video.

Karina assembled the Aussie classic using two slices of wholemeal bread, a generous amount of tomato sauce in between the slices of devon.

“Lots of tomato sauce on the first piece of devon, slap another piece of devon on top, one more round of tomato sauce, and then my third piece of devon on top,” she said.

“It’s like a little triple-decker… I have no butter on my bread, I know that’s basically a crime, but trust me, the tomato sauce does enough.”

Karina filmed herself taking a bite out of the “delicious” creation.

“It’s so good. It’s wholemeal bread, no butter, three slices of devon, a litre of tomato sauce,” she joked.


Karina’s video received more than 200,000 views and people in the comments were divided over her strange sandwich.

“You have to have the butter,” said one.

“How do you even taste anything but the sauce? That’s way too much for me,” said a second.

“No butter, that’s crazy,” added a third.

Whilst others, praised her unique sandwich.

“This is the best thing ever,” said one.

“This is a delicious Aussie staple,” added a second.

“These are elite,” said a third.

Another shared: “I literally thought I was the only one to make my devon sandwich exactly like this. Definitely no butter — butter and tomato sauce don’t mix!”

However, not everyone agreed with her choice of ingredients, with one saying: “That’s a bit criminal. Has to be white buttered bread, devon, hot chips, tomato sauce and sliced onion. But yum girl. Get it!”


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