Aussie traffic controller spills on how much money he earns: ‘It’s a bludge job’

Aussie traffic controller spills on how much money he earns: ‘It’s a bludge job’
  • PublishedMay 16, 2024

‘You literally get paid to stand here.’

traffic controller has spilled details on how much money he earns working a “bludge job”.

The real estate agent says he has been working at a construction site “on and off” for three years as a “side gig” to pay the bills.

“If anyone’s looking for work or wants a sort of bludge job where you don’t have to do much, traffic control is definitely the way to go,” the tradie told Getahead, an Australian jobseekers app.

“I make about $35 an hour. You literally get paid to stand here and apart from that, there’s definitely worse gigs out there.”

During the vox pop, the Queensland man explained how he took up the construction job after taking a two-day course.

“I’m a real estate agent by trade so I do traffic controlling to pay bills,” he said.

He says he has been able to meet potential clients when he’s working on the road.

“I tell people I’m a real estate agent… and one of the blokes I work with was like, ‘Oh give me your card. I’m looking to sell my house actually’,” he said.

“You get a chance to meet a lot of people.”

The tradie says the side job offers him “flexible” hours so he can “pick and choose” his own shifts.

“Definitely the way to go I’d say for a bludge job that you don’t have to care about, this is definitely it,” he said.

“I recommend it.”

His brutally honest opinion has been praised — with many thanking him for being transparent about his earnings.

“Finally a traffic controller that isn’t making $10,000 a week,” one said.

Another added: “Finally an honest traffic controller.”

Maria previously revealed the grim reality of working as a traffic controller after many boasted about earning thousands a week.

In late 2021, Maria, from Melbourne, revealed the grim reality of working as a traffic controller after many boasted on social media about earning upwards of $3000 a week.

The then-21-year-old shared a video listing the downsides of controlling traffic at construction sites — including having to stand in the rain during her shifts and not having any work for up to four weeks.

She conceded she applied for the job after she “fell” for all the promising social media videos of young women — including high school dropouts — raving about their enviable pay cheques.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of TikTok (videos) in regards to traffic control and they’re all positive, they’re all good,” Maria said in the video.

“They tell you how much money they make and how many hours they work and what not.

“What they don’t tell you is… You can have a whole month with no work and then a whole month straight with work.

“Traffic control has got to be the most inconsistent job I’ve ever done in my life.”

‘Do your research’

Maria admitted she signed up to the job assuming she was “going to be so rich” after watching all the viral videos on social media.

But it was far from what she expected.

By speaking out, she warned “please do not fall for these traffic control TikToks”.

“Honestly if you want to do it and you’re fine with inconsistency, do it,” she said.

“But if you want something consistent and you think you are going to be working Monday to Friday and making over $2000 a week — no.

“So please if you’re thinking about doing traffic control, try your absolute best and do your research.”


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