Aussie mum’s viral TikTok reveals simple Voice explanation

Aussie mum’s viral TikTok reveals simple Voice explanation
  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2023

Australians yet to decide which way they will vote in the upcoming referendum have been delivered a “simple” explanation for why they should support the Voice.

Ballot boxes will open across the country on October 14 when Aussies will vote Yes or No to whether Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice should advise the government on policy and legislation issues that directly impact First Nations communities.

For people still on the fence, author and journalist Lauren Dubois shared a simple analogy that encouraged voters to “replace Indigenous with women”.

She used a hypothetical example where the entire government was made up of men who were tasked with making laws specifically for women, like reproductive health and abortion rights.

“And as they’re making these decisions, the women of the country come forward and say, ‘listen fellas, before you make those decisions would you like to talk to us about it? Because we’d really like to have a say’, Ms Dubois explained in a TikTok.

“Because these laws don’t actually affect you, they only affect us. And we have some expertise in this area, being women, so we could offer our expert advice on how our bodies work, what our bodies need, what would be helpful – and the men are outraged.”

In her example, the men – representing No voters – instantly became defensive and questioned why women thought they would be entitled to have any influence on how decisions would be made.

“How dare you expect to get something special? I thought we were supposed to be equal. This would divide the nation, this is going to grind government to a halt,” Ms Dubois offered as examples of common responses.

“Women are going to come for your jobs next. Why would women get a voice? Men don’t get a voice.”

Ms Dubois added the comment was ironic given “their voice is literally the only voice”.

“What is the hidden agenda? How can we possibly agree to something when you’re not telling us every single thing you want to talk about and how you’re going to talk about it, and who’s going to talk about it and when?” she gave as examples of pushback.

“I know a woman and she says she doesn’t support this, so I’m gonna have to say no, cause I support women,” she added.

“Even though there are literally thousands and thousands of other women going ‘please listen to us’.”

Men were representative of No voters. Picture: TikTok/thelaurendubois

Men were representative of No voters. Picture: TikTok/thelaurendubois

Their arguments seemed ridiculous. Picture: TikTok/thelaurendubois

Their arguments seemed ridiculous. Picture: TikTok/thelaurendubois

“And then the other men are like, ‘nah, I spoke to a woman and she reckons this isn’t even going to help, so why would we bother’. And there are other men who are like, ‘I spoke to a woman and she says she wants to run the whole place, so I’m going to vote no’.

“And the other women are like, ‘look, that’d be great, we’d probably do a great job, but literally all we’re asking right now is just to talk please.

“We’re not asking to change the laws, make the laws (or) have the power to throw the laws out, we would just like to advise you on the laws. It’s the very first step in progressing towards something that looks like fairness.

“Is that really too big an ask?”

Ms Dubois’ appeal resonated with hundreds of viewers, many who responded saying her explanation had inspired them to vote Yes in the referendum.

“I was on the fence. I was worried as I heard First Australians say No. But this has made it clear for me. I’ll definitely be voting Yes,” one comment read.

The theme was consistent for dozens of others.

“I have just been thinking that I don’t have a really clear rationale or frame of reference to vote Yes or No. This video has made ‘yes’ clear,” a top comment said.

“I love this, simplicity at its best,” another said, while another argued offering Indigenous Australians a Voice was “liter


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