Aussie mum Indy Clinton’s ‘nightmare’ struggle behind picture with her baby daughter

Aussie mum Indy Clinton’s ‘nightmare’ struggle behind picture with her baby daughter
  • PublishedJune 5, 2024

‘I was crying behind my sunglasses because it was all just too much.’

From the outside, Indy Clinton seems to be enjoying her picture-perfect family holiday.

But behind her sunglasses, the 26-year-old mum has been quietly crying after experiencing a “nightmare” trip — with her three kids under the age of three in tow.

The mum, from Sydney, is currently on a road trip with her husband Ben and their children — three-year-old son Navy, one-year-old daughter Bambi and her five-month-old girl Soul.

However their family holiday hasn’t been smooth — with Indy detailing her struggles after taking her kids out to dinner on Monday night.

“I was wearing sunglasses and crying behind them… because it was all just too much,” the mum said on her Instagram — with more than 630,000 followers.

“I’m covered in Soul’s vomit trying to enjoy an oyster.”

Mum-of-three Indy Clinton detailed the struggles she faced before this picture was taken of her on holiday.
The family’s holiday hasn’t been smooth sailing  - with Indy detailing her struggles after taking her kids out to dinner on Monday.

The mum said she ended up having to leave the restaurant with her three kids after experiencing the “most stressful dinner”.

“I took the kids and left Ben to enjoy his meal after 40 minutes,” she explained.

Despite the chaos at dinner, her husband Ben wanted Indy to “smile” for the camera so he could take a picture of her — as she cradled Soul in her arms.

The mum said her baby daughter Bambi has been a “nightmare” during their family getaway.

“Bambi has been screaming all night, every night,” she said, adding: “She’s waking the entire house up.

“Defiant and hurting herself during the day, black eye and split chin already on this trip. Isn’t phased by anything and her only response is ‘no’.”

However her eldest boy Navy has been on his best behaviour.

“Navy was such a good three-year-old, wild and full of craziness but so good for me,” Indy said.

“Bambi complete opposite. More wild, more crazy and so bad for me.

“It’s killing me.”

The 26-year-old has three kids - eldest son Navy, one-year-old daughter Bambi and five-month-old girl Soul.

Last year, Indy made a brutally honest admission about the things nobody tells you before becoming a mum.

“(For example), the more kids you have, the less people check in and care about you,” she said.

“I know it’s really sad. It doesn’t make sense. It’s weird, but I figured that out.”

Indy said she noticed most of the friends she had before starting a family no longer existed in her life.

“This one’s my favourite one — you will lose pretty much all your friends that you had pre-kids,” she shared.

“If they don’t have kids, you will probably only keep one or two because they’re just on a different pathway to you and they do not get it.

“They will be like, ‘Why can’t you come to my birthday? I know you’ve got two kids and you’re pregnant and you’ve got morning sickness, but why can’t you drive an hour-and-a-half and come to my birthday? Just does not make sense.’

“But you know what? You make amazing new friends and that is what life is about.”

Her challenges doesn’t end there.

“The holidays you go on are literally for the kids — you don’t book a holiday hoping that you’re gonna relax, you’re literally just parenting in a different place,” Indy said.

“Holidays aren’t holidays — don’t do it.”

The 26-year-old mum said she has been quietly crying after experiencing a ‘nightmare’ family trip.

The mum said one day she’d “wake up” with back pain and then “your back will never be the same again”.

Whenever she’s dining at a restaurant, Indy says she’s always on edge about how late she’s out.

“A 7.30pm dinner booking may as well be midnight,” she said.

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I’m out, I literally look at my phone and count down the hours I have left of good sleep.

“I look at my clock and I’m like, I have six hours if I leave right now.”


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