Aussie cafe slammed over ‘ridiculous’ price of ‘breakfast alternative’

Aussie cafe slammed over ‘ridiculous’ price of ‘breakfast alternative’
  • PublishedOctober 6, 2023

‘That’s outrageous.’

A café has been slammed for charging customers $18 for a “takeaway” banana bread amid the rising cost of living.

One customer was outraged when they stumbled across the menu at a Sydney café on Saturday.

“Surely $18 for takeaway banana bread is taking the p*** now,” the diner said in a Reddit thread.

The post was met with more than 500 comments – with many stunned over the price of the banana bread, which is served with mascarpone and honey.

“Yeah that’s taking the p***. The rest of the menu is a little on the high side but the banana bread is ridiculous,” one agreed.

Another said: “I’d want a loaf of banana bread for that price.”

One suggested: “I can’t believe the banana bread is almost the same price as the egg and bacon roll.”

Another joked: “In like three years we’ll look at this and go ‘damn, $18 was so cheap!’”

One suggested: “I work at an expensive but busy café, and this is absolutely taking the p*** compared to us.”

While another added: “That’s outrageous.”

However, some suggested the banana bread may have cost more due to the extra ingredients.

“If it’s house made, along with the honey and mascarpone it’s probably about right,” one said, adding: “Would I buy it? No.”

While another explained: “Noting though that this is more of a ‘breakfast alternative’ dressed up with mascarpone and honey; so comparing it against a $6 to $10 banana bread with butter isn’t really completely fair either.

“The best way to show you aren’t happy with their prices is to not be a customer.”

Meanwhile, others took particular issue with the café’s “overpriced” menu items – including $25 avocado toast, $19 bacon and egg roll, $16 for a scone and $19 for a fruit salad.

“Avocados are 99c and they’re charging $25 for half of one on a piece of bread,” one said.

Another shared: “I’m just fixated on the avocado toast for $25! That’s the highest I’ve seen.”

One added: “No wonder young people can’t afford houses.”

While another said: “I’m more concerned about the scones. F*** me dead.”

However, many defended the café’s price hike.

“Café needs to pay $3000 to $10,00010 of rent a month, eight to 12 hours of chef and servers a day… as a business, you need profit to keep yourself fed and sheltered,” one said.

“Ultimately $25 has nothing to do with the cost of the avo or toast and everything to do with how much people are willing to pay.

“If this is an affluent suburb where people make a lot of money or are single and living a life of fun with no need for savings… they will pay the price. Is it good value? To the customers who pay for it, yes.”

While another suggested: “If you are eating in, that’s a different story because you are paying for the location and service, as others have pointed out.”

Earlier this year, Hannah Bowman detailed how she was ‘shook to the core’ after she was charged a ‘wild’ amount of money for a bagel at a café.
Earlier this year, Hannah Bowman detailed how she was ‘shook to the core’ after she was charged a ‘wild’ amount of money for a bagel at a café. Credit: Hannah Bowman

Earlier this year, Hannah Bowman, a podcast producer from Sydney, said she was “shook to the core” after being charged a “wild” amount of money for a bagel at a café amid the rising cost of living.

She was going for a walk at lunchtime when she spotted a “delicious” smoked salmon bagel in the window.

As she pulled her card out to pay, she was lost for words when an employee told her, “That’ll be $25 please”.

‘Is this a mistake?’

“Guys, I’ve been the victim of a heinous crime,” Hannah said.

“I just went (to) buy a coffee and I walked past a little bakery and I saw this bagel and I thought, I’m gonna just buy my lunch now. That looks delicious, cool I’ve not tried this café before.

“When I went to tap they said, ‘That’ll be $25 please’. For one smoked salmon bagel? $25 — is this a mistake? Can that be real?”

She couldn’t believe the “wild” price – but she ended up paying for the bagel before walking out in disbelief.

“I feel sick,” she said.

“Honestly I think I was in shock and didn’t realise what had happened until I walked out.”


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