Aussie booted from gym over divisive act

Aussie booted from gym over divisive act
  • PublishedOctober 6, 2023

An Australian TikToker was kicked out of a gym in Mexico after reportedly misusing the equipment.

Said Shavershian, also known as Chestbruh posted a video to his TikTok of him being told to leave by a manager at a Smart Fit gym in Mexico.

Shavershian alleges in the captions that he was kicked out for “being too jacked”.

However, he later clarifies that he was asked to leave by four separate staff members who warned him that he wasn’t putting the weights down gently.

“I put them down gently,” Shavershian insisted as the video shows the manager shaking his head in disagreement.

“You have been told three times okay. You need to go now, thank you,” the manager told him.

“Unbelievable. All right fine. Don’t need to be jealous bro,” Shavershian said.

The fitness influencer alleges that the manager was jealous that the “ladies were looking at me” and he assumes “they don’t want jacked men in family gyms”.

Underneath his video, Shavershian names the gym and calls on others to help cancel it, which many agreed with him and are outraged at his treatment.

“Where is that location so we can bring down their reviews,” one person commented.

“Bro doesn’t know he’s in the presence of a gym legend,” another wrote.

Others specifically called out the Smart Fit staff members and shared their own experiences.

“[Smart Fit] gyms in Mexico are the worst. Managers always complain when you don’t put down the weights without making any noise,” one user commented.

“[Smart Fit] are a***holes in Mexico, they don’t let [you] throw weights or make noises,” another commented.

On the other side, many people called out Shavershian’s perceived lack of gym etiquette.

“Aren’t you acting slightly like a child who’s thrown their toys out of the pram?” one person wrote.

The fitness influencer was asked to leave the gym. Picture: @Chestubruhofficial/TikTok

The fitness influencer was asked to leave the gym. Picture: @Chestubruhofficial/TikTok

He claims that the manager was jealous of his physique. Picture: @Chestubruhofficial/TikTok

He claims that the manager was jealous of his physique. Picture: @Chestubruhofficial/TikTok

“He was in the wrong. He was warned and didn’t listen [or] follow the rules. It’s as simple as that!” another commented.

Others have raised the point that the video only showed one side of the story, with many feeling like there was a lot of context missing.

“I don’t think we’re seeing the full story in this clip,” one user commented.

“Exactly …[four] different staff members had to speak to him lol,” another agreed. has reached out to Smart Fit for comment.

Another gym goer kicked out

This latest debate on gym etiquette comes after a woman was kicked out of a Goodlife Gym on the Gold Coast for wearing slides instead of enclosed shoes.

Kenzie Greaves posted on her TikTok account, sharing her frustrations and explained that she has to wear the slides due to a broken toe.

“So I’m wearing socks and slides like this right, and then every time I walk around the gym I leave my slides on. But when I start my exercise I just take my slides off,” she said.

Greaves further explained that she was told to leave for not wearing enclosed shoes, a rule that is part of the terms and conditions on Goodlife Gym’s health and safety conditions.

The gym’s website states that “all members and guests must wear suitable clothes and enclosed sports shoes in any exercise areas”.

Many Australians weighed in on the issue and had little room for sympathy and sided with the gym.

“Health and safety rules are there for a reason!” one person commented on Facebook.


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